DIY & Frugal Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes Solution

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Homemade Baby Wipes Solution

This is a really easy, and super inexpensive way to make a homemade baby wipe solution. I use this with cloth wipes and in conjunction with cloth diapers.

What you need:
  1. Hot water
  2. Baby Wash (I used the Target brand, but what ever you prefer is fine)
  3. Coconut Oil, or Baby Oil. I use coconut oil because I love the smell and it’s cloth diaper safe plus it helps with diaper rash.
  4. Small spray bottle (I bought mine at Walmart in the section with the travel sized items for $1)
  5. Old wipes container to store your cloth wipes in.
  6. Cloth wipes (I’m not a sewer so I had a friend whip mine up, they are just two pieces of flannel surged together)

What I do to make this super easy solution is:
  1. Fill the spray bottle about 3/4 of the way up with hot water
  2. Add one squirt of baby wash
  3. Add one teaspoon of coconut oil, or baby oil if you prefer
  4. Shake, Shake, Shake
Easy right?
Now when I am ready to change my baby all I do is spray his bottom with the wipes solution and wipe the diaper area with a flannel wipe. Since I use cloth diapers I can now just leave the wipe with diaper and toss it in my wet bag. If it is a really messy diaper you may want to rinse the wipe in the same manner you usually rinse your cloth diaper before tossing it into your wet bag. It is so much easier (and cheaper) than using disposable wipes. No more digging through stinky diapers and pulling out disposable wipes before you wash your cloth dipes.

You can also pre-soak the cloth wipes in this solution as well. Just make a bigger batch and pour it into a wipes container, then add your cloth wipes and let them soak up all the solution. If you are going to pre-soak your wipes I would suggest using some Eucalyptus oil in your solution, about ten drops or so. This will keep your wipes smelling fresh. Make sure to try and use your pre-soaked wipes within three days or so, that way they won’t get moldy or funky smelling.

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