Summer Fun in the Water with Winning Moves Splash Cards Plus Giveaway

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I received a sample for this review/feature. Opinions expressed are my own.

I remember playing a lot of card games when I was a kid during the summer. My brother and I would spend hours playing Go Fish, War, or Slap Jack. I can only imagine how much more fun our card games would’ve been had we been able to hop into the pool while playing them. Now, with the new Splash Cards from Winning Moves, you can play all kinds of card games in the pool, bath tub, hot tub or even at the beach.

I gave Nugget the Splashimals deck to try out first. He’s been playing a lot of matching games lately and is in desperate need of some good tub toys so he was so excited to play with these. He was very meticulous on getting the animals lined up just right and made sure to make an animal noise for each one.

His favorite is the Splash Pals deck. He thought it was hilarious to mix and match the bodies and I loved how he just let loose and got very creative in the people he put together. He really loved the robot one and tried to use that one with every person he created. I really like how there are numbers on the cards so you can match up the three pieces that go together. As he gets better at recognizing his numbers, this will add to the educational fun of these cards.

Hubby and I were really excited to have our own deck of playing cards to use in our new hot tub. We usually have friends over on the weekends to hang out and now we can play card games in the hot tub instead of just chatting. I have a feeling we’re never going to want to play cards outside of the hot tub again.

I love that these cards are waterproof, washable, and they float. The cards are thick so you can easily hold onto them while wet, but still very lightweight and durable. Each deck of cards comes in its own mesh pouch which is easy to store them and allows them to dry after being used. Splash Cards are not only great to play with, but they have an educational element to them as well; I like that my son is learning while having fun. I know we’ll be using these cards all year around for many years to come. 

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