Glysonna Sleepceutical Sleep Aid Helps You Stay Asleep & Giveaway

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Introducing Glysonna Sleepceutical™, the all-natural sleep aid that is good for sleep and good for you.

The biggest joke about new and seasoned parents is the lack of sleep you get pretty much the moment the baby is born. It was no exception in our household. In the past four and a half years since I’ve become a mother, the nights of eight or more hours of sleep has become a fleeting memory. I can’t blame it completely on Sonshine, I’ve gone through bits of insomnia since I was in high school. But, I no longer use traditional sleep aids, the idea of medicating myself or becoming addicted just bothers me too much. Instead of resigning the fact I might not ever have a full nights sleep until the kids leave the nest and before grandkids come along, I’ve looked into drug-free alternatives, like Glysonna Sleepceutical.

 Glysonna is a drug-free sleep aid that is non-habit forming. There are nine active ingredients and six wellness nutrients fortified with glycine to help you get a well rested, full nights sleep.

Glysonna Sleepceutical Sleep Aid

All the ingredients are FDA safe listed and help initiate the natural sleep process. Glysonna triggers relaxation, but doesn’t quite make you drowsy like other sleep aids. None of that drunk, odd, floating feeling, just a nice, calming, “boy I’m ready to lay down” sort of feeling. Once asleep, Glysonna keeps you asleep, so make sure you have at least a full eight uninterrupted hours ahead of you before you take your two tablespoons.

My husband did two week of third shifts recently and arriving home during sunrise really was effecting how he slept. After a 10 hour shift, he was looking for any help he could get to fall asleep, but did but want to wake up groggy, so he could be some what useful and capable of playing with our son before he left again. The first few times he took Glysonna, I needed to wake him up around the six and a half hour mark. It was not impossible, but, there was some difficulty. The days he got eight or more hours of sleep, he woke up feeling refreshed, alert, and ready to go! Glysonna tastes like fruit flavored vitamins, not unpleasant, but not a flavor that you’ll become addicted to. I was really impressed by how easily Glysonna worked without my husband reaching for it each night.

If you are having problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or reaching a deep REM cycle, then look into Glysonna Sleepceutical Sleep Aid. The drug-free sleep support with help you have the best nights sleep you’ve had in a long time!

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You can purchase Glysonna from their website starting at $19.95 for one bottle or $59.85 for four

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How would you like to win two bottles of 8oz Glysonna Sleepceutical? I have one prize pack to giveaway to one lucky winner! Use the Rafflecopter form below. Please follow all the rules, if you do not follow all the rules, you cannot win! Good luck!

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