Take the “Stripper Challenge” with the Laica Mineral Balance Filtration System

Okay, this is where I say, get your minds out of the gutter! I’m not talking about a “real” stripper challenge, I’m talking about water!
I don’t know too many people who’s completely satisfied with their drinking water, I know I’m not!
In fact I think the ability to understand what’s in our drinking water is a bit confusing-and my husband works for the water company, here in Ohio, and I’m still confused.
Many people go ahead and put in a water softener to soften the water and then many get water filters so their drinking water is purified and drinkable. But…did you know your filtration system may be stripping your water of all the mineral and nutrients your body needs on a day to day basis?
I didn’t realize that!
I have wanted a water filter jug for quite sometime now, but if it does that then forget it! I need more minerals in my life!
I was pretty happy when I was offered to try out the Laica Mineral Balance Filtration System!


  • BI-FLUX MineralBalance Filter. The Exclusive MineralBalance Formula Helps to Preserve the Balance of CALCIUM and MAGNESIUM that is Naturally Present in Tap Water. 
  • ITALIAN Designed, Slim Design Fits in your Fridge Door.Available in White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Fuchsia and Orange. Total Capacity 9.7 cups , 5 cups Filtered. Made in ITALY 
  • Removable Electronic Indicator to let you know when to Replace your Filter. Removable Indicator allows for EASY CLEANING of the Lid. 
  • Pitcher is Dishwasher Safe
    Pitcher and Filter Raw Materials are BPA FREE 
  • Automatic QUICK FILL Lid, allows for Easy Water Filling

I picked the Fuchsia Laica System to try out. They have a good amount of bright colors to choose from: white, orange, blue, yellow and green.
This was super simple to put together! All I had to do was unwrap the filter and soak it in water for 10 minutes, place it into the system and run water through and empty the water five times. 
To set the date I just held the button until all five bars appeared then placed the lid on nice and snug. This indicates when I need to replace the filter in five months.
One thing I love about this jug is the fact you can always keep the lid on. In order to refill the water there is an easy push down hole on the top-the weight of the water pushes it down and fills the jug up.
So if you’re looking to better your drinking water and live a little more healthier life, then I think you’ll truly love this Filtration System from Laica!
Take the Laica Stripper Challenge today, because Laica wants to help you better your health!
You can connect with Laica on their website!

Buy It!

You can buy the Laica Mineral Balance Filtration System on Amazon for $29.99.

The Giveaway:

How would you like to win your own Laica Mineral Balance Filtration System plus a year supply of Bi-Flex Filters? I have one to give away to one lucky contestant!

Winner Entry #561Terry B.

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