Scent Responsibly with Old Spice Plus Interview with Andrea Rosen from Take Me to Your Mother

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This interview and article was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Old Spice. I was compensated, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Last week, I had a great opportunity. I had the chance to interview actress Andrea Rosen from the hit TV show Take Me to Your Mother. Now I’ll be honest here, I’ve never actually watched the show before. I know, I know – I just haven’t had much time for television lately! However, I will say that I definitely plan to tune in after talking to her and finding out what a fun and spunky personality she has!

Andrea has partnered with Old Spice for their “Smellcome to Manhood” campaign in hopes to get guys everywhere to “Scent Responsibly”. With 4 tween/teens in the house – trust me, I know all too well about overspraying. I swear, at some moments I’d prefer the scent of musty dirty socks! Below a fun infographic  about overspraying.

I know, you’re waiting for my interview, right? My apologies, I’ll get to that right now – but then we’re going back to this overspraying conversation!

Me: Can you tell us what you’re doing with Old Spice today?

Andrea Rosen: I’m an Old Spice Mom Ambassador. The came to me for the show (Take Me to Your Mother) and how not to raise a dick. Can I say that?

Me: Yes, I live in a house full of boys. I hear it daily! The much buzzed about Old Spice “Momsong” ad shows what happens when moms realize their sons are growing up. My youngest just turned 12 today, so I can totally relate. Before I know it, they’ll be graduated and out of the house! Since you have a young son, do you think you’ll react the same way?

Andrea Rosen: Yes, definitely!Just the other day he said “I like girls. I like girls”! I want him to be confident and smell and look good, but not grow up too fast!

Me: Back to the subject of boys. Mine love to use body spray and cologne – often putting on way too much! Have you ever personally experienced someone who has oversprayed before?

Andrea Rosen: Yes, a ton! I dated a guy a long time ago who oversprayed and used even more when he was sweating, which was all the time!  How do you tell someone it’s too much? I finally dumped him!

Me: Lastly, I’m sure my readers are dying to know – What’s coming up for the new season of “Take Me to Your Mother”?

Andrea Rosen: I get to talk to motorcycle mamas. I’m so much more weepy since becoming a mom and I realized that they are too! I got to talk to geeky moms and they were really cool! Two of them write for the dictionary. Did you know that’s an actual job?! I also met with the Ravens and had a lot of fun. Football players are really nice!

I hope that all of you enjoyed this interview as much as I enjoyed talking to Andrea. I think the biggest thing that I took out of this experience is realizing that she’s a mom, just like the rest of us. She seemed down to Earth and had a great personality – totally someone I’d hang out with!

If you haven’t already, you can watch the “Momsong” video here. I have to say, it is rather funny! You might also enjoy the “Scent Responsibly” video for more information about this initiative.

Hopefully this can help teach guys everywhere how to Scent Responsibly and not to overspray. I know I’ll be going over the 4 steps with my boys so they don’t one day get dumped for overspraying! Well, I suppose, there’s something in it for me too. I won’t have to deal with the resulting stench from their overspraying!


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