P.R.K Universal Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Organizer Review

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Having a new baby in the house means that we have more stuff in our house as well.  Now that we are a family of 7, we are definitely getting creative with storing things and have even started downsizing and donating items that we don’t use every day.  Throughout this entire process I have been doing some organizing as well.

When we remodeled our kitchen this past November, we didn’t know that our family would be growing and we would need more space for all of the sippy cups that Ellie uses in addition to a few baby bottles and the glassware the rest of the family uses.

For months, the cabinet in our kitchen that is desginated for drinkware has been a mess.  Glasses and cups get cleaned and shoved in where they can and sippy cups are all over the place, mismatched and sometimes there are pieces missing.

Shortly after our little Joey arrived in August, we received the Universal Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Organizer from P.R.K.

This organizer stacks baby bottles and sippy cups and dispenses them one at a time. The organizer rests at an incline so a new bottle or cup is dispensed instantly once one is taken.  This organizer can store up to 12 bottles or sippy cups, takes up less room in your cabinet. is completely adjustable and it is all dishwasher and freezer safe.  It also come with a basket to hold all of the extras such as cup plugs, bottle covers, nipples etc.

Right now we are using ours in the cupboard to keep all of Ellie’s sippy cups organized and I have really liked having it there.  We seem to be able to keep all the parts of her cups in one place and they are easier to find and assemble now.

Now that our little guy is here I am thinking about getting a second organizer for in the freezer for storing breast milk and I’ve also discovered that P.R.K. has a baby food jar organizer as well that I’m thinking would work great in our pantry and help keep it nice and organized too!
Of course, now that I’ve started organizing parts of the kitchen….I can’t stop!
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