VTech CareLine Phone System Review

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The VTech CareLine phone system encourages the independence and safety of boomer’s parents while keeping them connected to caregivers, friends, family and emergency contacts. The three-piece system has no monthly fees and was designed with experts in aging and technology for optimal use by older consumers who may struggle with hearing, dexterity or vision.

Every day at work I see first hand how elder parents want to keep their independence but their children are concerned about their safety. I understand both sides. The VTech CareLine phone system is so fantastic for both parties. Let me share with you why!   

The VTech CareLine has four speed-dial buttons.  You can place the person photo on the button so you can visually see who you are calling.  This is great for seniors and young children.  Also, the number buttons are larger which make it easier to dial.

If you are like me, I love caller id.  With the VTech CareLine phone, the caller id is announced so no has to look at the small numbers on the display.  The phone also comes with a cordless phone. The cordless phone has a visual/flashing indicator when receiving a call, just in case you don’t hear it. 

Now for the best part….the VTech CareLine phone comes with a safety pendant. The safety pendant allows two emergency phone numbers to be programmed to it.  

You can wear the pendant around your neck (comes with a lanyard), clip it to your waistband or pocket. The best part is there are no monthly monitoring fee.  

Lastly, the VTech CareLine has a digital answering machine that answers calls when you can’t. There is also an “audio assist” button that temporarily increases the volume when you are on a call. This helps you hear the person on the other end of the phone line.
The phone system comes with the base phone/digital answering machine, the cordless phone and pendant.  You can add additional cordless phones and pendants. What a great idea for multiple people in the same household!

If you need a phone for someone you care for who doesn’t want to give up their independence, the VTech CareLine is a perfect solution.  You can be a push of a button away. Even though this phone is targeted toward seniors, I think it is great for younger kids too. Like all VTech phones I have ever had, the quality is superb too!
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Buy It! You can buy the VTech CareLine Phone System online VTech  for $119.95. 

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