The Fairy Tales Sun & Swim Collection

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Fairy Tales Commitment:

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products loaded with great ingredients at an affordable price. Our formulas are free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, paraben and sulfates. And with the growing concern regarding children’s allergies, we are now dairy, gluten and nut-free too!

During summer I find it is essential to protect my family’s hair and skin since we are in the pool/lake/ocean a lot. The Fairy Tales Sun & Swim collection is a line of natural products that the entire family can use to protect hair from sun exposure, chlorine and sea salt that can build-up and cause damage. 

This is literally how Big Sis spends almost every day which means her hair comes in contact with a lot of chlorine that can really mess with her beautiful hair over time.

The Fairy Tales Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo and Lemon-Aid Conditioner gently remove chlorine, sea salt and unwanted minerals from the hair. Infused with orange flower extract, grapefruit and lemon, the Lifeguard Shampoo cleans, softens and hydrates hair. It was chosen as one of the best shampoos moms steal from their kids by Our Lemon-Aid Conditioner removes all traces of chlorine, sea salt and minerals, while deep conditioning with aloe, jojoba and vitamins E & B. 

Her hair feels nice and clean after I wash her hair with it and the conditioner also makes her hair silky smooth and easy to comb after bath. She also calls these her Princess Products and that when she uses them she smells like a princess. I tend to agree with her!

To really test this product out I used it on my own hair and I really did enjoy using it! My hair felt nice and clean and was easy to comb out which is not an easy task ordinarily!

The Coco Cabana Sun Spray is loaded with banana and coconut extracts that adds a layer of protection to sun-drenched hair and locks in moisture. A must have for a day at the pool or beach! 

The Sun Spray works great on her hair both dry and wet. It mists easily and leaves a very light hint of a nice summery smell. I found it helped with tangles too if we used it right after getting out of the pool. In fact I now keep it on our porch that is right next to the pool so I remember to spray everyone’s hair down with it when we get out. Now I just have to remember to pack it in our swim bag for when I take the girls to swim class.

The Fairy Tales Bug
Bandit is a pesticide- and DEET-free natural bug repellant. It is proven
safe and effective in repelling insects, such as mosquitoes, fleas,
flies and more. It keeps skin well moisturized and shielded from bugs.

Here in Florida the mosquitoes are terrible! Like eat you on the way to your car at 10am kind of terrible. Lil Sis seems to get bitten when we get the mail in the afternoon. So it is important that I use a bug repellant almost anytime we go outside on all of us. Please note if you are visiting Florida anytime soon please bring bug repellant! Fairy Tales Bug Bandit misted on us (yes I definitely used it on me too!) easily and left no gross and greasy residue behind. Lil Sis came back from the park with no new bites! What a relief! I now keep this bottle in our push car that we take to the park most days since this is now a summer must for us!

Overall I was super impressed with all 4 of the products and I only wish I had hear of the Fairy Tales brand sooner! When spending as much time at the pool as we do these products really are important to keep our hair from getting dry and brittle. I have used all 4 on myself and I will continue to do so since I love them that much!


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You can purchase the Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo for $9.95. The Lemon-Aid Conditioner for $9.95. The CoCo Cabana Spray for $9.95. The Bug Bandit for $3.49 for a 2oz bottle and $13.95 for a 8oz.

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