Pups Love the Bret Michaels Pets Rock Collection at PetSmart!

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Pets need lots of things. Just like people, they need food and things to keep them busy – like toys. They also need collars and leashes. When I heard about the new Bret Michaels Pets Rock Collection exclusively at PetSmart, I couldn’t wait to check some of the products out!

Max is a little toy freak – I swear he plays all day. He loves his toys like they are his babies and it’s just the cutest thing ever. Unfortunately, the big dogs like to tear their toys to shreds and sometimes {though we try to keep them up} they get one of Max’s toys. They destroy it in an instant and I swear it’s always one of his favorites that they take. It makes me sad, and also mad because dog toys aren’t generally cheap!

When my review package came in the mail, it was perfect timing. The poor lil dude was down to just a few toys. It came wrapped all cute like a gift in a bag. Max knew it was for him. I think he must have smelled the leather of the collar or perhaps the toys gave off a scent.

I had to laugh at first because they were all pink. But he loved them just the same. Dogs don’t care about color – after all, a toy is a toy!

I was unable to find it on the website, but the little horse looking thing with the tennis ball body was his favorite! I swear, it was his favorite toy of all the others – ever! It was not much bigger than the tennis ball, so he could easily flop it around, in the air, all around and play with it himself. He just loved it and would play for hours and hours, playing catch with himself. It was adorable and he just had a blast.

Sadly now it’s all feet, everything else has been ripped apart by the other dogs. I swear, there is no toy on Earth that they will not destroy! Funny thing is, Max still loves it! Since the feet are still stuffed, it’s still a toy to him and he carries it around all over the place, still playing catch all by himself!

He had some fun with the pink radio too. He loves to make it squeak! The collar was too small since he’s growing at such a rapid pace. My sister has a dog that it was perfect for though!

The Bret Michaels Pets Rock Collection offers so much more than just toys though. You can beds, clothes, collars/leashes and even bowls. It’s a full line of fun and colorful products that your pup is sure to love!


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