HOST Studios Wine Products: Review

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There is nothing quite like sipping on a nice glass of wine after a long day or while enjoying a nice dinner with friends or family. I am not a wine connoisseur. In face I am a super casual wine drinker. Besides just opening up a bottle and drinking it I am finding there is a whole world of wine out there and you need the right tools to make sure you are serving it at its best. HOST offers a line of innovative products that not only look amazing but help you serve wine up a fine bottle of wine.

Cool, pour and preserve with HOST’s first new product, the CHILL Cooling Pour Spout. This versatile tool really does it all. Simply pour your first glass of wine, insert the cooling pour spout into the bottle, and enjoy perfectly chilled wine. It’s that easy! After just two hours in the freezer, the CHILL is ready to do the hard work for you. The built-in, drip-free pour spout and silicone stopper ensure that this product will be a must-have staple for your bar.

I love how simple this was to use. I literally put it in the freezer and then it was ready to go. I also used this with a white dessert wine and I loved it even more. Such a great concept to make sure you are serving your wine and the best temperature possible!

I also tried out the WHIRL. It is made from BPA-free shatterproof plastic and you pour your drink into the glass and then you swirl to aerate the wine. Even a new wine lover such as myself found this glass a must and easy to use when drinking a nice glass of wine!

The final item I received is the TWIST and this may be the best item of all. If you are going to a dinner party and you plan on bringing a nice bottle of wine as a host gift….make sure to give them a TWIST too! This is a must in any personal bar!

Tired of letting your wine breathe for hours before drinking? Use the TWIST Adjustable Aerator and decant any wine from zero to six hours instantly. Just pick a setting, pour it through and drink it down! 

Since wine aeration improves flavor and can often take hours for a bottle of wine to get just right….this product makes it so you can enjoy your bottle of wine right away. Just twist the top to the number of hours you want it to aerate and then just pour. Voila….your wine is ready for you!

Not only does HOST offer a variety of great products for wine but their site is super user friendly and every product has an amazing video on the page so you can see how it works. Seriously one amazing website!


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Buy It! 

You can purchase the CHILL for $18.99. You can purchase the WHIRL for $11.99 a set. You can purchase the TWIST for $39.99.

I received a sample product for this review. All opinions are my own and/or my family’s, take it or leave it. Click here to view my whole disclosure policy.

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