Easy Twine Mason Jar Craft

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mason jar Craft
Mason jars are big right now. In fact I’ve been a little obsessed and keeping ALL of my spaghetti jars. I clean them up and use them as our personal glass wear. I’m starting to collect way to many, so I thought it was time for a craft! 
Mason Jar
Glue gun
Spray Paint
hot glue
twist the twine

up close
mason jar craft

I am absolutely in love with this jar! You could easily add flowers as pictured above, or add a votive for  your porch ambiance. I think I’m going to do this to a few more mason jars! How beautiful would these look lined up on a shelf or mantel with fresh flowers?!

I would love to know if your into the mason jar craze, and if so what have been your projects lately?

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