Buy a Collar ~ Save a Dog: Givebones Review

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~This review was made possible by Givebones~

Givebones collar
Join the Movement! GIVEBONES Pet
Collars Gives Back to Animal Shelters

Givebones’ mission is to generate awareness and financial support 
to help reduce the amount of homeless dogs euthanized each year. 

By selling dog collars, Givebones provides funding to animal shelters 

and rescue groups striving to help dogs in need.

Givebones story
Wow!!  I love to find companies to support that give
back!! Givebones gives back 10 percent
of sales to shelters and rescue groups striving to help dogs in need. Their collars come in a variety of colors and
sizes for the retail price of $14.99. They also give a complimentary Givebones wristband with each purchase
allowing animal lovers to show their support and give their dog a voice. By purchasing ONE Givebones collar saves three dogs from euthanization. Givebones donates 100 percent of the profits
from the sales of the wristband for the retail price of $4.99.

According to Givebones founder Tricia Andrews, “there
are approximately 5
million to 7 million furry companions that enter animal shelters every year.” With
this astounding number of shelter animals in need, Givebones wants everyone
to “join the movement” and help shelters and rescue groups save dogs.

I have
always been a dog lover. Before marriage
I shared my bed with a Chinese Shar Pei named Alli.  In the thirteen years my husband and I have
been married we have had four Labrador retrievers. All but Eve were strays that
we brought home. Only Eve is left, she is a ten-year-old chocolate lab that
doesn’t have much energy (she’s a tad over weight). She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever
owned. We adopted her from a family that
bought her only to breed her. When she
did not produce a white lab they no longer wanted her. We brought her home to Duke (black lab), and
they were instant companions with puppies a short time later.
Eve has
been due for a new collar, and when Givebones offered me a chance to review one
I gladly said YES! I chose the
florescent pink collar, and it looks spectacular on her! She got a special bath and brushing for her
photo shoot. The collars are easy to
adjust and put on.  Eve had to break in
her new collar by rolling and scratching everywhere. Next time you are in the market for a new
collar just remember, Buy a collar ~
Save a Dog ~ Join the Movement.


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Buy It!

You can buy your own Givebones collar for $14.99

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