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Welcome to our Bump Ahead: An Outnumbered Baby Shower Event! We are celebrating the new lives growing inside of two of our own writers, Anne and Shay; as well as the four {yes, you read that correctly} boys growing inside of my sister in law! From May 1st through July 1st, we will be sharing some of our top baby gear picks and great Baby Shower Gift ideas with you! Be sure to check back often for our latest finds and a chance at some awesome prizes!

~This feature was made possible by Steri-Bottle~

Steri-bottle® is the exciting single-use feeding bottle that’s ready to use out of the box and 100% recyclable.With a choice of 2, 5 or 10 bottles and nipples per box and Steri-bottle is made of a safe Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate free plastic.Convenient anytime, at home or on the move, there is literally nothing like it for taking the time and stress out of bottle-preparation and giving you an extra bit of your life back…

When I first heard that my SIL was having quadruplets, I was in awe and shock. Of course, I immediately thought it was a joke, until I saw the serious expression and the “pregnancy glow” on her face.
I assumed right away that she would be bottle feeding since there would be four babies to feed. When I heard about Steri-Bottle, I thought that it might be perfect for them. Could you imagine having to pack a diaper bag(s) for 4 babies? I’m sure a bottle or two would be forgotten or overlooked from time to time.

I think Steri-Bottle will come in handy for them on a number of occasions. They’ll be great for road trips and when they’re on the go. With 4 little ones intow, they’re too convenient not to have on hand!


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