Bump Ahead: Bummis Cloth Diapering Sun Line – Review

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~This feature was made possible by Bummis~

swim diapers

Bummis began as the proverbial “kitchen table business”, started by
three mothers who were using cloth diapers on their own babies and were
inspired to create the products they themselves needed. That was way
back in the 1980’s. It remained a home business until it grew too large
to fit into any home! Since then, Bummis has grown and prospered while
staying true to the vision that inspired its inception and the values
that fuelled its growth.

I have two girls with the oldest being 4 and the youngest is 18 months old. I will admit I did not cloth diaper Big Sis because she was a very difficult baby and I was much too busy with her to even think cloth. When Lil Sis arrived she was from the beginning an easy baby. Around 3 months old is when I started cloth diapering her. Even though I did not use cloth with my oldest I always used cloth swim diapers. We live at a house with a pool, we live in Florida near the beach and we take swim classes at community pools. To me those disposable swim diapers out there just don’t look like they could hold a turd in let along if there was messy newborn poo. After some Dr. Mommy google research I learned that cloth swim diapers are much cheaper than buying pack after pack of disposables, not mention that they were never really “used” for their intended purpose and were just thrown out. What a waste. The waist band and leg holes of cloth swim diapers just have a snugger fit than disposables and keep the mess in better. If you use a public pool some places require cloth swim diapers so check before you go so you know what you need to bring.

Bummis sent me a set from the swim line to try out with Lil Sis. Pretty stinkin cute if you ask me.

Now for an important fact about swim diapers. They are NOT made to keep in pee. They are meant to hold in poo while letting urine (which is sterile but still gross so try not to think about it) right through. So do not put this on your child until you get poolside or you might end up with a wet lap.

Here is what the inside of the swimmi looks like:

It is extremely thin but that just makes it more comfortable for baby. You can sort of see the mesh lining on the inside. It is very soft and not irritating…at least not to Lil Sis.

Here is the size chart for the swimmi:

I have found that these run extremely big. I would say that Lil Sis is about 23 pounds and the person I emailed with at Bummis said to not size up. I went with the Medium and it fits perfect with plenty of room to grow so that it will last the rest of 2013. For the rash guard and hat I went with her normal sizing (18-24 months) and it was true to size.

Here is a pic of Lil Sis wearing it:

Sorry the picture is a little blurry but she would literally not stand still for the picture. She did wear it in the pool but as it was just her, Big Sis and I together I had no one to take a pic. I need to get me one of those fancy waterproof cases for my iPhone!

The whole set is adorable. I especially like that the rash guard seems to be made of an extra durable and thicker material than what I see on most rash guards and I have seen and used a lot of rash guards in my day. The thickness was nice and did not seem to make the material extra hot. If anything it looked more comfortable than other rash guards since it was extra soft and it seems like it will protect baby’s delicate skin from the sun extra well. They also sell tankinis if you prefer that over the UV-Tee. The hat is nice since it offers a lot of sun protection and it has elastic in the band that helps to stay on baby’s head which is nice.

Never fear Moms of boys as they have some super cute prints for you too:

I also like that Bummis sells cloth diapers (although I can not attest to those since I have not tried them out yet) and many different accessories.I love the cute prints that they do offer but I do wish they would offer more cute girly prints. I like to buy several swim diapers each summer and the bubbles one I received was the only really girly one. I am always trying to feed my cloth diaper stash addiction!

Connect: You can connect with Bummis on their website, facebook and @bummis on twitter.

Buy It! You can use their find a retailer feature on their website to find a store that carries the Bummis product that you are looking for. The swimmi retails for $14.50. The UV-Tee Retails for $21.95. The Sun Hat retails for $17.95.

I received a sample product for this review. All opinions are my own and/or my family’s, take it or leave it. Click here to view my whole disclosure policy.

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