Tag Along Teddy – Diggity Dog Backpack Review

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Tag Along Teddy

At Tag Along Teddy® we specialize in plush products. Instead of offering a wide array of generic toys, we’ve narrowed our interest to this special niche. With increasing competition from the Internet, television, and other sources of entertainment for kids, Tag Along Teddy® reinforces the love of animals, offers old-fashioned entertainment, and they’re also functional backpacks as well.

Now that Sonshine is three, I’m all about giving him some independence where I can. Lately, that’s taken the form of having him carry his own little backpacks with his toys and snacks when we’re out running errands or when he’s out with his grandparents. He feels like a ‘big boy’ for doing things on his own and I just think he’s adorable with a backpack on! But, he still wants to take a lovey with him and the thought of putting a lovey or stuffed animal into the “dark backpack, all alone” was just heartbreaking to him!

Tag Along Teddy

Enter Tag Along Teddy and their line of adorable backpacks, hats, and other items! The backpacks are available in different sizes, so there is one perfect for your kiddo! Sonshine was able to review the Diggity Dog Backpack in small, the perfect size for a three year old!

Tag Along Teddy
Sonshine is able to put a few toys inside, like a couple mutated turtle figures, a book, some matchbook cars, plus a snack or two! He feels like such a big, independent kid when he fills up the backpack and wears it around the house or to the store. The straps easily adjust to his small frame and the backpack is ultra soft, making it a great pillow for the inevitable but random naps of a preschooler! But the absolute best part?
Tag Along Teddy

The stuffed animal on the backpack is detachable! The little guys get strapped into the backpack, around the waist and arms, so they stay snug while your kid runs around, but easily come off for when your little one needs a lovey to hug! Sonshine has named his Diggity Dog ‘Squeaks’ and has him at his side or on his backpack at all times. We rarely leave the house or go to bed without the plush and soft dog now! We’re getting ready to take a trip to the beach and Sonshine makes sure to ask me each day if Squeaks is going with us. Our Tag Along Teddy is definitely at the top of our to pack list!

The Tag Along Teddy backpacks are available in different animals, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your kids personality. We’ve washed our Diggity Dog a few times now and it comes out softer and no worse for the wear each time. The backpacks would be perfect for any little one going into preschool or early grade school, or even as a special backpack for Spring Breaks or visits to grandma’s house! Sonshine loves his Tag Along Teddy and he’s the perfect companion to tag along with us wherever we go!

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You can purchase the Diggity Dog Tag Along Teddy on their website for $21.99




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