Monster High Party Review

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We had a FANG-tastic time this weekend at my house.  My girls and I were so excited to host a Monster High party.  I allowed them to invite three other girls over for a DVD pre-view party.  What a party we had.

We kicked off the party with lunch and a preview of Monster High Double Feature DVD: Friday Night Frights and Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love (love that title).  We used a Monster High table cloth as a “picnic” blanket and ate lunch in front of the TV, while watching the great DVD.

The girls were so “into” the shows they stopped eating along the way.  I had to keep nudging them to finish their lunch!

After the girls watched Friday Night Frights, we took a break and had cupcakes.  The cupcakes are topped with the cutest Monster High rings. 

The girls loved them and had to make sure they had their favorite characters!

Don’t the cupcakes (and cake) on the package look so cool?  I wish I could create something like that!  Don’t give away my secret, but my cupcakes were store bought and I put the rings on top!

Now I must tell you, my son was none too happy about the fact that his sisters got to have a party and he got to do “nothing.”  He was glued to the TV while the DVD was going though, so even boys can and do like Monster High! However, he decided to have a little fun of his own and literally launched himself into a photo.  Need I say anything else?

After we watched the second feature of the Monster High DVD, Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love, we were able to give each girl their very own sticker packets.  The girls were very excited.  

Next came one of the best parts of the party….each girl was able to get their own Monster High maze doll.  All five girls were speechless. Okay they were only speechless for one second and than the squeals, screams, and jumping up and down went on for too long!

They couldn’t wait to open the boxes and play with the Monster High maze dolls.  Operetta seemed to be the most popular, but they really didn’t care which doll they got, they were just so happy.  I had no idea that Monster High was such a HUGE hit.  The girls knew all the characters and had dolls of their own.  Two of the girls even wore their Monster High t-shirts.  They were adorable!

If you are looking for a new DVD (maybe for an Easter basket), Monster High’s Double Feature – Friday Night Frights and Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love would be a perfect selection.  If your child has a birthday coming up and you are looking for a new theme….look no further.  Everyone will be thrilled with a Monster High party theme.  They have all your paper products, cupcake and cake toppers, and goodies for party favors.  We had so much fun with our party and it wasn’t even anyone’s birthday!

Connect: You can connect with the Monster High on their websiteFacebook@MonsterHigh on twitter, and Youtube.
Buy It: You can buy the Monster High Double Feature DVD – Friday Night Frights and Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love online at Amazon for $19.98.  You can also purchase the Monster High Dolls and party supplies online at Amazon.  Prices vary.

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