Learning Resources: All About Me Family Counters Review

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I am always on the lookout for the best games and toys for my 4 year old. I don’t want your standard run of the mill toy that offers little in terms of educational value or offers little chance of creativity and fun. We already have plenty of toys like that at home so I don’t need any more!

Learning Resources offers such a wide variety of toys and games that I literally get lost browsing their website. They even have a tab so that you can browse toys based on specific special needs.

About Learning Resources:

Learning Resources® is a leading global manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational products trusted by teachers and parents and loved by children. The Company’s 1100+ high-quality products are sold in more than 80 countries, serving children and their families, preschool, kindergarten, primary, and middle-school markets. Among the Company’s brands are Pretend & Play®, Smart Snacks®, New Sprouts™, Gears! Gears! Gears!®, Primary Science, now!Board™, simple technology, Hands-On Standards® publications, Rainbow Fractions® and Reading Rods®. Learning Resources is headquartered in Vernon Hills, IL, with a European office based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England.

I own several different Learning Resources toys. I even have another review for the Pop for Counting game that you can find HERE.

Right now Big Sis is really into counting and she often finds herself wanting to add and subtract things and she does not even really know she is doing it. She will say “look at my 4 snacks and after eating one I now only have three left.” I chose to review the All About Me Family Counters as I feel like the possibilities are endless!

Meet a real multi-tasking family of manipulatives! Help young children
learn all about themselves and their families. Also great for counting,
sorting and patterning.

  • Set of 72 counters come in 6 different shapes and colors to represent the people and pets in families
  • Tallest figure measures 2.5″H
  • Grades PreK+

There are a ton of these things in the bucket. Even Lil Sis enjoyed just dumping them out and playing with them. Although her just scattering them for me to pick up was not very educational for her. Big Sis on the other hand just loved them.

The Learning Resources website has free pdfs that you can print off to help you with patterns. Such as tall woman, cat, tall woman, cat, __________. Set them out and then see if your preschooler can guess what comes next. I just love that this makes a great visual for patterns.


Better yet is this toy currently has a contest going on where you can win gift certificates to Learning Resources. I always enjoy looking at entries for contests like these. Just take your Family counters with you on your next local outing and pose them for a picture. Involve your preschooler to help out!

the All About Me Family Counters Photo Contest! Buy a set of our new
All About Me Family Counters (LER 3372 or LER 5373) or download the
paper version from our
website (http://bit.ly/VI7W4m) for FREE,
create your family using the Family Counters and take photos of them
during your next family adventure! Then, upload the photo to our website
(link is below) for a chance to
win prizes! Contest will run from February 4–July 31, 2013! There’s no
limit on how many photos you submit, so start uploading your family
adventure photos now! Click here for more info:

To help inspire you this is where our All About Me Family Counters went today:

In Our Sandbox
Hanging in the Barbie House

Pick up the All About Me Family Counters for a great toy that has tons of possibilities.


You can connect with Learning Resources on their website, Facebook, @LearningHandsOn on twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

Buy It: You can buy All About Me Family Counters, Set of 72 for $22.99.


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