Crystal Light 0-Calorie Liquid Drink Mix Review

zero calorie drink mix

I try and drink a lot of water. Like the amount all the doctors and websites say you should drink. I usually don’t come close to what I should but I do carry a water bottle around all day with me. I feel like just by carrying it I am more likely to drink from it.

Many times I want to add a flavor to my water to change it up a bit but the problem with all those water flavor packets out there is that they usually leave undissolved pieces in it and I hate that. That is probably what makes these new Crystal Light Liquid flavors so great is that it is liquid so no residue at the bottom of your bottle. The squeeze bottle is easy to use and has a no mess top….sort of like the no mess ketchup bottles you see out there.

Crystal Light Liquid:
  • Crystal Light Liquid is an exciting new way to enjoy the delicious flavor of your favorite drinks, all with 0 calories. 

  • Available in Strawberry Lemonade, Blueberry Raspberry, Iced Tea, Mango
    , Peach Bellini and Pomtini flavors,
    Crystal Light Liquid puts a new, modern twist on the classics.
  • Crystal Light Liquid is available in 1.62 fl. oz.
    -serve bottles with 24 servings in mass market and grocery stores nationwide beginning in January 2013.
  • Crystal Light Liquid is:

    • 0 calories

    • Sugar free

    • Sweetened with a blend of non-nutritive sweeteners

    • Gluten free

I personally thought the peach flavor was the tastiest but I also liked the tea and strawberry lemonade flavors too. I am a huge fan of how quickly it mixes with the water to make the perfectly mixed drink. They are small enough so they are easy to stash in your car or purse for on the go.

These are the perfect solution to flavoring your water…easy and tasty.

Connect: You can connect with Crystal Light on their website, facebook and @CrystalLight on Twitter.

Buy It! You can purchase the New Crystal Light 0-Calorie Liquid Drink Mix at your local grocery store.




Kraft sent me a sample of Crystal Light Liquid.

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