Care Bears: Totally Sweet Adventures DVD Review

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Care Bears: Totally Sweet Adventures 

I have said it once and I will say it again, I am a girl from the 80s and I love when my 80s childhood stuff is brought back for new generations! This definitely includes the Care Bears. I had several of the stuffed animals and I watched the one movie I owned on VHS at least a 100 times as a kid. I just loved it! I am super stoked that I can now share the awesomeness of the Care Bears with my daughters.

The Bears are back’ in an all-new CGI animated series Care Bears: Totally Sweet Adventures debuting
on DVD, Digital Download and Video On Demand March 5 from Lionsgate
Home Entertainment. The Care Bears embark on all-new exciting adventures
with a fresh new look, new attitude and all-new music. These lovable
Bears premiered on The Hub TV Network in June 2012 and garnered over 6
million unique views. Re-created with CGI animation, this all-new DVD
includes a share and care sing-along in addition to the four adventures.
 Come back to Care-a-lot and join Cheer Bear, Share Bear, Tenderheart
Bear and all of the Care Bears in 
Care Bears: Totally Sweet Adventures

Check out the trailer:

Big Sis just loved watching the movie. Not gonna lie, so did I. It may seem crazy but Easter is literally just a few weeks away! This Care Bears movie would make the perfect Easter basket gift idea. I like that Big Sis seams to like the Care Bears (although probably not as much as I do) but I also like that each episode offeres a little message so to speak about being a good person…Big Sis could always use a few extra lessons on being nice.

After all these years I have to say that Grumpy Bear is still my favorite. 

Run Time: 88 minutes


You can connect with The Care Bears on Facebook and their website.

Buy It!  The Care Bears: Totally Sweet Adventures DVD has a suggested retail priced at $14.98 and is currently available on Amazon for $9.79.


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