Staples and Samsung Galaxy II Review

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As a Blogger, office supplies are essential to my life. Honestly, even as a mom they are. We go through paper, pens and Post-Its like they’re going out of style. Sometimes I wonder if there is a pen snatcher around here because I can have three in the drawer and they’re gone an hour later!

There are a few places that I have shopped for office supplies, but I have found that Staples has a better selection than most. I usually go there during back to school season so it’s just a one stop shop. I can get all of their supplies, plus stuff for me. They even carry video games and office furniture!

I was ecstatic when I was offered a review for Staples. I knew just what I wanted, if they had it. You see, I really wanted a tablet for Christmas. I even had it all picked out and told The Man that he had to get me that specific one because it was both functional and affordable. Then we decided to do new flooring and skip Christmas gifts for each other. Of course new floors are awesome, but the Samsung Galaxy II would  make my life so much simpler!


I was so excited when the Samsung Galaxy II arrived, that I could barely wait to take a photo before tearing open the box! I did manage though, somehow.

I opened it up and got it all set up. The Man helped me of course since he’s just a little bit more tech savvy than I am! Technically, he was the first person who got to play around on it, boo! A typical man, he found a racing game right away. I swear, he plays it all the time!

Now me on the other hand, I usually check my email, go on Facebook and play the occasional game of Tetris. As you can see in the photo below, those hold the top 3 spots!

The Samsung Galaxy II has been a life saver, in so many ways. Being a Blogger, I feel that I have to check my emails on a constant basis. I also have a team of contributing writers/reviewers, so I’m checking our private Facebook group quite often too. Using the Samsung Galaxy II is so much better than my phone. While it does work, the Samsung Galaxy II is just so much better since the screen is larger and it seems to get a much better signal.

Of course, the kids are loving it just as much as The Man and I are. They love to play games, watch videos and their favorite shows on Netflix. Let’s just say that the Samsung Galaxy II comes in handy when we’re in the car. It keeps them occupied!


You can connect with Staples on Facebook and/or @Staples on Twitter!

Buy It!

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy II for $199.99



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