Outdoor Family Fun – Running Style

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About 5 months ago I decided that I was tired of having an unhealthy weight and I was going to do something about it. I did not hit a rock bottom or anything but I still had 25 baby pounds from my at the time 12 month old plus I was already a good 40 pounds overweight on top of that. I was tired, lazy (still am really) and I had finally had enough. I joined the local gym and went a few days a week. I took things slow. A quarter mile on the treadmill then half a mile working my way up to one mile. I added in a few fitness classes. Jogging 2 miles on the treadmill was a big motivator. If I could do 2 could I do more? That is when I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

No…wait…I know what you are thinking…was I crazy???

Yesterday morning I completed my very first Half Marathon of 13.1 miles.

I have been working out 5 days a week. Spin class twice a week and yoga 3 times a week plus some treadmill work. I did not run the whole thing, although that is my goal for next year. This is the absolute perfect first half marathon for beginners. Almost 25,000 signed up this year! People traveled from across all 50 states and several countries. There are photo opps, music, fireworks and you get to run through the Magic Kingdom. Tons of people dress up and I wore my daughter’s princess crown. Sean Astin a.k.a. Rudy a.k.a. Samwise was there to run and he was sporting a tiara!

The best part about Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend is that there are kid races!!

From RunDisney Website

  • 12 months and under – Diaper Dash for crawlers
  • 1-3 years old – 100m dash
  • 4-6 years old – 200m dash
  • 7-8 years old – 400m dash

I am super sad I did not sign up my 1 and 4 year old but I absolutely will next year! The important part is to sign up months and months in advance as it usually sells out months in advance.

There is also a Family 5k and when I talked to people who did it they said they had a blast. The 5k finisher medal was cute too!

After all the crazy excitement and training I do feel a lot healthier. I am not a scale watcher but I have run several 7 and one 8 mile run without stopping! Slow and steady is definitely my style.

If 7 months ago you would have said I would run *cough* jog a half marathon I would have said you were crazy! I did it, I finished. There were tons of people that kept a fast walking pace so it really is a great race for all. I had a great time and I can not wait to do it all again and at a ridiculously early hour all over again.

Big Sis is already asking to go running with me. I am trying to make 5ks and running outside with the kiddos a fun thing that we can enjoy together.

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