Big Game Football Party Planning Tips Plus BBQ Chicken Macho Nachos Recipe

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tyson bbq chicken strips

In preparation for the Big Game this weekend, I decided to spice things up and make some BBQ Chicken “Macho” Nachos, hoping they would fill the guys up a little more and of course please the fans. What can I say, I’m all about food and I just love it when people compliment my party spread!

My menu quest began at Walmart, looking for Tyson BBQ Chicken Strips. I quickly found them, then went on my merry little way to find the rest of the ingredients and other goodies for our party.

football partieswalmart

BBQ Chicken, check. Cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, re fried beans and tortilla chips, check. I gathered a few other things and hit the checkout. Click here for a full insight into my shopping trip.

party planning

Once at home, I gathered all of my ingredients together, turned on the oven and started cooking the Tyson BBQ Chicken Strips. While that was cooking, I cut up all of my ingredients and prepped the rest of the food. Lil Man helped me for a little bit, but quickly gave up to play in the snow; typical kid!

tyson bbq chicken strips

As you know, football parties usually involve men; and boy can those men eat! I wanted to make sure that I had enough food to fill these guys up, so I served my Big Game BBQ Chicken “Macho” Nachos, Homemade Guacamole with chips, BBQ Chicken Bites {leftover from the bag of strips that I bought, cut up and served on a toothpick}, Corn Chips, Homemade Jalepenos {from the garden} and Pizza! I was just hoping that all of my food would go over well!

football party food

As soon as I had the nachos prepared, I was ready to dig in. So was everyone else. I had to kick them all out of the kitchen just so that I could take some photos without everyone’s hands in the food!

tyson bbq chicken strips

Once they could finally dig in, everyone grabbed a plate and started chowing. The fan favorite, my BBQ Chicken “Macho” Nachos of course! Woot, touch down for this mama!

tyson bbq chicken strips

tyson bbq chicken strips

tyson bbq chicken strips
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3 Football Party Planning Tips

  • Don’t over-think it. Many of your guests will probably be guys and they usually only care about watching the game, eating food and drinking bear.
  • Plan an easy, yet hearty “guy” spread. Fruit and vegetable platters might sound good, but use some creativity instead. Try pairing Hot Wings, Nachos and BBQ Meatballs instead. Trust me, the guys will thank you later! If you have to include healthy snacks, do so creatively and in addition to the “guy foods”.
  • Anticipate the mess. It’s a football party, things happen. Guys get excited and/or angry and things spill. Don’t let it stress you out. Remember, most things can be cleaned!


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