NogginStik by SmartNoggin Review

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Our founder, Marcia Haut, has been working with children with special needs for 25 years. As an early intervention therapist for babies birth to three, Marcia had the privilege of working with young families in their homes. While working with these amazing parents from all walks of life, one common thread was noticed; they were not sure what they should be doing to encourage their baby’s early milestones. Marcia could not find a toy “learning tool” to help parents begin their baby’s learning journey, so SmartNoggin, Inc., was born.

As a mom, I am always on the hunt for toys that are educational and will help my kids thrive.  At 13 months, our little Ellie is quite the little smarty. She loves to dance to music, shake things to hear the noise, explore her surroundings and just play and discover.

One of Ellie’s favorite toys over the last month has been her NogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle from SmartNoggin.  The NogginStik helps encourage your little one to hit those ever important milestones.  The rattle head lights up red, blue and green to help simulate a baby’s eyes to encourage visual tracking. (Warning: If you order one and live in a colder climate, the unit will not light up until it is warm, I was worried ours didn’t work at first.)

As much as Ellie enjoys the different colored lights and the noise the rattle makes her favorite part, by far, is the mirror on the bottom.  This girl loves looking at herself any chance she gets! (I tried to get a picture of her playing but she decided she is camera shy now!)


You can connect with SmartNoggin Toys on Facebook, or visit their website.

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You can buy the NogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle for $22.99 online or visit the store locator to find a retailer near you.


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