@Helzberg Diamonds Crazy (P)in Love Contest!

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I am going to tell you a story about why I love Helzberg Diamonds.

One afternoon many years ago my husband and I went wandering around the Mall. We were waiting for a movie and talking about nothing in particular. I don’t remember how the conversation got turned to gem stones, but I had mentioned that I’d never worn a diamond and didn’t see the big deal about them. At the specific point in our time together we were making plans for our wedding and since my husband gave all his ring savings to my brother, there wasn’t any money for an engagement ring anymore; and I didn’t expect one. So when my husband laughed and pushed me into a Helzberg Diamonds store to prove me wrong, I didn’t think anything of it.

His point was to prove that if I put on a diamond engagement ring that I would see why diamonds were so tantalizing and he was right. I put on this gorgeous Solitaire and fell in love.

Shortly after this day my husband would take all the Indian Artifacts that he had collected over his life and sell them to buy me that ring. The very ring, the only diamond ring, that I had ever placed on my finger.

Crazy Pin Love Contest

Helzberg Diamonds is a name that we all know. They have symbolized love in every facet of their designs and the elegance of wearing one of their pieces is insurmountable. I’m really proud I get to tell you about their new contest, Crazy Pin Love. You get a chance to win your Valentine’s dream date and have the chance to win it. It is incredible!

One grand prize winner will receive a piece of Helzberg Diamonds’ jewelry on his/her board (up to $500) and a $500 Visa gift card to pull off their Valentine’s Day dream date. Five runners up will receive their choice of Helzberg Diamonds 1/4 CT Black Diamond Stud Earrings or 1/4 CT Diamond Hoop Earrings.

I was given a pair of the 1/4 CT Diamond Hoop Earrings and I have to tell you, they are gorgeous. They sparkle divinely and honestly, it would be celebratory even if you won the Runner’s Up prize!

So what are you waiting for? Go make your dream come true! Helzberg Diamonds made mine possible years ago, it just takes a little bit of faith.

You can join in the Crazy Pin Love Contest on Helzberg Diamonds Pinterest Page! Contest starts Today and ends on 2/04/13!


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