Choosing a Safe Car for Your Teen Driver

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As a responsible parent, a teenager should be given the safest car possible. This involves a thorough evaluation of all options as young drivers may not always possess the best driving skills. A suitable car should have all the necessary things that can help teens drive in a smooth and safe way.

Requirements of a Safe Car for Teens

·        Safety Features

The most important factor that people should look for in a car is its safety features. Parents should be meticulous when testing airbags and other safety devices. It is essential that they research each vehicle’s safety features and personally inspect them or ask the dealer for demonstrations.

There are cars that provide additional safety features such as airbags and parking sensors. Parents should find a car with as many safety devices as possible. This will be useful if accidents occur.

People should know that the vehicle’s price should not be of higher importance than the safety is will provide. Newer models with more features may be more costly, but these cars will come in handy in the future. Therefore, parents should carefully weigh their budget against their child’s safety and needs before purchasing a car for a young driver.

·        Speed and Power

Teens are always excited to get their first car. They often aim for vehicles that provide great power and speed. However, the opposite should be used as a basis when choosing a car for a young driver. Parents should not choose cars that allow their teens to drive at high and dangerous speeds. These vehicles are more difficult to control than compact cars.

Instead, parents should find cars that are suitable to their teen’s dynamic lifestyle. They should go for economical cars that provide medium speeds and use fuel economically. Although these may not be their teen’s first choice, parents can negotiate with their children and find a car that satisfies their aesthetic and safety needs.

·        Size and Weight

Studies have shown that heavier and bigger cars are safer for drivers of any age. This is also applicable for long distance driving as there are many large vehicles out on the road. This will provide the teen driver with more protection under any driving conditions.

However, the car’s size should be chosen with careful thought as to how and where it will be used. For short trips on city streets, parents can provide an economical small car for their teens. These are cost-effective and safer for the environment. There are also newer cars that provide excellent features.

Driving Safe

A car with many safety features may not always be the answer. It is also important for adults to actively involve themselves in their teen’s driving experience. They should educate their teens about safe driving on any kind of road. This includes safe driving techniques, following traffic rules and avoiding things that may pose a danger.

Written by Alex Kurt
Alex is a motor enthusiast and a dad of three boys. He has recently purchased his dream car, a BMW M5 online and is ready to bid farewell to his old ride and put his used Subaru for sale. He also loves vintage car and organizes vintage car shows in his local area.


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