Winter Wishes – Shaines Headbands Review

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Thanks for joining us for our second annual “Winter Wishes” Gift Guide! We’ve put together some great gift ideas this year and have some awesome prizes to give away too! This event will run through the New Year, so make sure to check back often to see what’s new! Our gift guide page has all of our gifts by category, which you can see by clicking the image above.
Shains Logo
Shains was created by owner Ewa Martinoff who, while driving home in LA traffic from her corporate job, was musing over her laptop computer’s power cord ‘bundler’ which she had wrapped around her wrist. She had long ago realized that everyone should have a chance and voice to make their own statement and that this bracelet/power cord ‘bundler’ could be a great means to that end. The awareness of how much we consume and how valuable our resources are, meant it couldn’t just be another product. A year later and many trials to ensure an eco-friendly product proposition, Shains debuted at stores in November 2007

When I was younger, I just loved adding unusual, fun, and quirky items to my “beauty” routine. Sometimes I see the new and updated versions of the items I used to love as a preteen and teenager and have a longing for when it was socially acceptable to wear glitter every where or fun and funky barrettes.

Shains is a unique, one of a kind product line that is perfect for any little girl or, honestly, even a 27 year old women. What makes each product so unique is the ability to customize and wear your own message! I was able to review a few of their headbands, which are made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Shains Headband

The headbands are a one size fits all with an elastic band on the bottom to help stretch to fit. I received three headbands in colors Grass, Watermelon (which has a sparkle), and Black. Each kit contains 33 letters and 12 popular icons.

Shains Headband

I used the Grass green headband when I work out. The rubber part of the headbands have teeth grips, that gently grip your hair to keep it in place. The letter and icon buttons go in easily, but take a little work to pry them back out. I love this, because I can add a motivational word to my headband while I work out for a nice quick pep talk. They also do not dig into your head, in fact, you can’t feel the buttons at all when wearing the headband. These headbands are the perfect gift for the little girl who loves to speak her mind or even the one who is quiet, with the letter buttons and the icons like hearts, flowers, lips, and more you’ll always know what’s on her mind in a fun and stylish way!

Shains motto is ‘say it wear it mean it’ so, if headbands aren’t your little girl’s favorite things to wear (I get it, sometimes they are too tight!), then check out Shains line of bracelets, belts, iPhone cases, notebooks, and more! Whatever your number girl is into, Shains has a way to customize it so it’s all hers!

You can connect with Shains on their website, Twitter, and Facebook pages

Gift It!
You can buy the headbands from the Shains website for $5 perfect for Stocking Stuffers


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