Winter Wishes – Fitbit Zip Helps You Get Up and Go! Review

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Thanks for joining us for our second annual “Winter Wishes” Gift Guide! We’ve put together some great gift ideas this year and have some awesome prizes to give away too! This event will run through the New Year, so make sure to check back often to see what’s new! Our gift guide page has all of our gifts by category, which you can see by clicking the image above.

Fitbit Zip Helps You Get Up and GO!

Still looking for the perfect gift for someone who likes gadgets?  What about your sister the fitness enthusiast? Well, the Fitbit Zip is a fun gadget for just about anyone!

Since my daughter Simone (3) was born I have been trying to get more fit and more healthy.  But I find that it is hard to stay motivated, especially when life gets in the way!  The Fitbit Zip is a great way to keep track of progress, which helps me to stay on track with my fitness goals!

Get a kick out of fitness with this little device. It tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned – and syncs those stats to your computer and select smartphones. In doing so, it celebrates how much more you do each day. Zip™ encourages you to set goals, challenge friends, and go farther – one step at time. That’s how you turn everyday life into a social, achievable, awesome path to fitness.

Here is what you get with the Fitbit Zip:

  • Zip™ tracker
  • Silicone and metal clip
  • Wireless USB dongle
  • Replaceable battery
  • Battery door tool
  • Free membership – includes ability to log and track activity, food, sleep, water, body mass, weight, and more
  • One of my favorite features of the Zip is the Fitbit App!  I can sync my Zip on my Smartphone using bluetooth anywhere!  No cables, or plugs needed!  I can input my daily activity, load my activity onto other fitness apps, or keep track of my weight.  I really love that I don’t have to use a bunch of different apps for this!

    By showing you how your day is stacking up, Zip™ encourages you to get up and go…and keep going! It helps you make those small changes that can add up to something big. (No wonder Fitbit users average 43% more steps each day.)

    I am really impressed with this little gadget!  It is super small, can fit on my sports bra strap or my everyday work pants, and updates and syncs in a snap.  If you are looking for a great fitness gadget to give to someone you love (who are we kidding – you will want to buy it for yourself!!) then the Fitbit Zip is a great option!

    Connect: You can connect with Fitbit on Facebook , @fitbit on Twitter, and/or on their blog!

    Gift It! You can buy the Fitbit Zip for $59.95.


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