Winter Wishes: Energizer Max Batteries Review

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Thanks for joining us for our second annual “Winter Wishes” Gift Guide! We’ve put together some great gift ideas this year and have some awesome prizes to give away too! This event will run through the New Year, so make sure to check back often to see what’s new! Our gift guide page has all of our gifts by category, which you can see by clicking the image above.

We love our Energizer Bunny® and Mr. Energizer®. Who doesn’t? Their endless energy is adored by millions and they couldn’t be better representatives of our Energizer® brand. But Energizer Holdings is much more than batteries. In fact, we’re made up of 30 established consumer brands the world over, from Schick® and Wilkinson Sword® shaving systems to Banana Boat® sunscreens. So while you likely knew us first for batteries, we invite you to be like the Energizer Bunny® — Keep Going® – and see how much larger Energizer Holdings really is.

As a parent, the one thing we never have enough of this time of year is batteries.  You would think that after being a mom for almost 14 years I would remember to have them on hand at Christmas time.  This year, I am well prepared and armed with a stockpile of batteries in all different sizes!

This year we stocked up on Energizer Max batteries with Power Seal Technology for two reasons, the first being that these batteries have a 10 YEAR SHELF LIFE! and secondly because they contain special Toy Cash Codes you can enter online and redeem a $4 Reward for purchasing 2 specially marked packs of AA-4 or AAA-4 or receive an $8 Reward  when you purchase 2 specially marked packs of AA-8 or AAA-8.  This promotion will end on 04/15/2013 so stock up on your batteries now!! (Payment is sent in the for of a Prepaid Credit Card or Credit to your PayPal account).


You can connect with Energizer on Facebook and/or @Energizer on Twitter!


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