Winter Wishes Blurb Review + Giveaway

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Thanks for joining us for our second annual “Winter Wishes” Gift Guide! We’ve put together some great gift ideas this year and have some awesome prizes to give away too! This event will run through the New Year, so make sure to check back often to see what’s new! Our gift guide page has all of our gifts by category, which you can see by clicking the image above.

I don’t know about all of you, but I am always looking for ways to capture my cherish memories. Thanks to Blurb, I can easily, quickly and affordably create gorgeous, high-quality books that will be uniquely mine.   At Blurb, you decide what to create by using the free, easy-to-use tools and templates online.  

You can transform your photos and comments into a professional, bookstore-quality showpieces that will be treasured forever.  You can create a photo book with comments right from your or your friend’s Facebook pages in just minutes.  I made a book from my private blog – where I write (okay, oaky, use to write several times a week) about what was happening in my life and funny things my kids did.  I have always wanted to figure out how I could publish (in hard copy) my blog as a keepsake for my children.  Blurb allowed me to do just that and t is AWESOME.  I am so happy with the way the book came out and the quality is superb!  The amazing part – with the help of Blurb, I just put in the URL and it upload my blog into its template.  All I had to do is review it.  It was SO easy!
The possibilities are endless… 

·     Special events: vacations, reunions, birthdays, graduations, weddings

·     Baby album

·     Illustrated children’s storybook

·     Heirloom family recipe cookbook

·     Pets

·     Sports/Team championship season 

·     Hobby showcase: architecture, birding, collectible cars, photography, fishing trips, poetry, family history, drawings, etc.

I love making unique, personalized gifts for people (not just during the holidays, but all year).  Blurb makes it easier for me to come up with such gifts.  I made a beautiful book for notes that I can’t wait to give to grandma and papa!  With the help of Blurb’s template, there are photos inside scattered inside the book too.  I am so happy with how it turned out…..I want to keep it. 

Blurb also has top notch photo books that you personalize, you can even upload your own illustrations.  I would love to take all my kids art work and make a book.  I am trying to talk my kids into writing and illustrating a book, they have such funny ideas. Blurb would allow me to capture this special project in a published book.  I could even share it with others…too cool!  I just thought of all those letters I saved…Dear Santa, Greetings Easter Bunny, Hello Toothfairy, Mr. President….those would be adorable in a keepsake book….just add photos.  Of my gosh…I love this idea!

I absolutely LOVE Blurb and all the possible books you can create.  A few other projects I would love to make using Blurb’s tempts are a recipe book.  My siblings and I split a lot of my mom’s (and our favorites) recipes.  I would love to scan the recipe cards and publish a book for my family.  By scanning the recipe cards, the book would capture my mom’s hand writing!  I have lots of photos I could add of Mom and others in the kitchen or around the table.  Wouldn’t this be a nice keepsake for my siblings and I?  The other is a collection of “lake” stories we have from spending years a Gun Lake in Michigan.  Again, I would love to capture the stories and add all the photos of our perfect summers to create a fabulous walk down memory lane and a keepsake for my siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins!  Blurb is going to help me create both of these!

What would you create?  Not sure, you can check out inspiring ideas here or view this video

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Gift It! You can buy variance products online at Blurb, starting out as low as $10, prices vary based on products.  
The Giveaway: How would you like to win your own the chance to create your own photo book ? I have one coupon for a free photo book to give away to one lucky contestant!  To enter the giveaway please follow all of the directions below! If you don’t follow the rules, you can’t win!

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