Free of Perfumes and Dyes – all free clear Review & Giveaway

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Laundry, that dreaded word. I know I dread it every time. With so many people, laundry never ends. Sometimes, the bigger boys and I are fighting for washer time. And I will admit, sometimes I forget to take them from the washer and end up rewashing a musty smelling load.

I also have laundry soap issues. The Man has soap sensitivities, so I am limited to the brands that I can buy. Well I am excited to share that one of my regular brands just got better. all free clear is made specifically for people with sensitive skin. It’s free of perfumes and free of dyes.

I recently received free product coupons so that I could try all free clear out for myself. It was easy to find right on Walmart shelves, located by the other all detergents. Its white bottle makes it very noticeable among the other detergents.

Armed with detergent in hand, I headed to the basement, straight for the washer. I threw in a load of darks, and added detergent without worrying if it would affect my husband’s sensitive skin. But, just to see for myself, I asked if he noticed the difference after wearing a shirt that had been washed with the new detergent. He didn’t

all free clear works great and is now my go to brand for laundry detergent. My husband even mentioned that it would work for washing their hunting clothes, instead of having to buy the expensive specialty soap.


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The Giveaway: How would you like to win a bottle of all free clear to try it for yourself? I have one to give away to one lucky contestant!

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