Winter Wishes – Children’s Books Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

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Thanks for joining us for our second annual “Winter Wishes” Gift Guide! We’ve put together some great gift ideas this year and have some awesome prizes to give away too! This event will run through the New Year, so make sure to check back often to see what’s new! Our gift guide page has all of our gifts by category, which you can see by clicking the image above.

As a Librarian and as a mom I am a huge believer that a great gift for any child is the gift of reading and books. Each of my daughters have a bookshelf overflowing with books. It is a part of our nightly routine to pick out some books and read it to them every night. I feel that if you start when they are young it can help foster them to a love of reading. Now with my oldest we don’t dare skip reading before bed no matter how late it is because she won’t let us! She just loves looking at her books every night. Most nights when I go in to check on her the bed is covered in books that she was looking at when she fell asleep.
I have two great children’s books books to share with you and they are both fun for the whole family and would make great gifts this Holiday Season.

Last Night I Had a Laughmare takes the reader on a magical journey to dreamland with silliness and fun all with a rhyming tale.

Big Sis was cracking up throughout the whole book. The idea of shoelaces made of spaghetti was just hilarious to to her. This book is great fun before bed. Like many other children Big Sis can be a little afraid of the dark and this book helped to put all of that behind her with laughter and craziness! Bright and vivid illustrations accompany it to really make it a great bedtime book.
Judy Laufer’s delightful new picture book, Last Night I Had a Laughmare!, takes sleepyheads of all ages to a magical world of bedtime adventure where nothing is EVER quite what it seems! Star-hung swings? Purple hair? Shoelaces made of spaghetti? These are just a few of the surprises in store for visitors to Gigglyville…and the town’s silly residents love to have company. Bring your own chair and join Liverlips, Smellyfeet, Purplepudding and Dishes on an exciting romp through a place where special wishes are granted, snowballs are made of ice cream, and readers will be laughing ‘til morning.

Burton the Kind Scarecrow is the story of the friendly scarecrow, Burton, who protects the farmer’s garden with pride. As Winter approaches he donates pieces of himself to the little creatures of the garden so that they will not mess with the farmer’s farm. As Spring arrives the kindness that Burton showed the animals is reciprocated when they help to rebuild him and surprise him with a new friend!

A cute story with amazing illustrations to help teach children about the importance of service to others and kindness. Told in a way for children to learn important life lessons while still enjoying the story. Includes a great Resource guide and glossary. Big Sis fell deep into the story and was hanging onto my every word.

V.A. Boeholt brings Burton the Scarecrow to life with endearing tales about gardening, farming, and friendship. Whether he’s protecting Farmer Green’s crops or helping his friends, Burton sets an example of kindness and commitment that will help young readers develop these strengths within themselves.


You can connect with Last Night I Had a Laughmare! Bedtime Adventures in Gigglyville on Facebook and/or @LittleEggKidsBk on Twitter!
You can connect with Burton the Kind Scarecrow on Facebook and/or @ScarecrowStory on Twitter!

Gift It!

You can buy Last Night I Had a Laughmare! Bedtime Adventures in Gigglyville on Amazon for $16.95. You can buy Burton the Kind Scarecrow for $14.95 on the 5 Star Publications Website.

The Giveaway: How would you like to win your own copy of Last Night I Had a Laughmare! Bedtime Adventures in Gigglyville and Burton the Kind Scarecrow? I have both books to give away to one lucky contestant!

To enter the giveaway please follow all of the directions below! If you don’t follow the rules, you can’t win!


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