Beautiful Wedding Skin Starts with Softsoap Vineyard Escape

There are so many things for me to think about for my special day that I have just overlooked some of the small stuff. I’ve forgotten about things such as what kind of body wash I’ll use in the shower, what perfume I’ll wear and probably a bunch of other things! Lucky for me, I had the chance to try a new body wash that I absolutely love!

Softsoap has been one of my go to brands for body wash since I lived in my very first apartment and had to start buying these kind of things by myself. My ex-roomate actually introduced me to it right after I got my belly button pierced and needed to wash with antibacterial soap. I’ve loved the brand and have kept going back ever since!

When I heard about new Softsoap Vineyard Escape, I just knew that I had to try it. It features crushed fruit seeds that gently exfoliate and grape seed oil which is known for its moisturizing qualities. When my bottle arrived, I opened it up to an invigorating smell that wowed my senses. From the very first time that I used it, I was hooked. It smells divine and makes my skin feel silky smooth. My skin is naturally dry and even worse now because we have well water, so a body wash that hydrates my skin is absolutely essential. I’m happy to say that  Softsoap Vineyard Escape did the trick in every way. I’ll continue to use and have glowing, beautiful skin on my wedding day!



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