Dilettante’s Gourmet Chocolates Review

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About seven years ago I stumbled into a chocolate shop in Seattle with an old friend. The smell was vibrant even though it was summer and the windows were open to the street. Lined along the wall was row upon row of truffles nestled into wrappers or tucked away in beautiful boxes – small and elongated, tied with ribbons. It was as decorative as a jewelry shop complete with mirrored glass behind the cream and cocoa. I fell in love before I’d even had my first taste. There was something different about Dillettante, it was classy, chic chocolate; a chocolate that stood out from the rest as something special and deserving of decorative glass and coffee steeped from personal presses into small glass cups. On that afternoon I chose a very small box of Chocolate Brandied Cherries gently wrapped in crushed purple foil and that first bite was a crescendo of bliss, intoxicating and warm as if it were filled with a liquid passion. Ecstasy. I had never tasted anything like it in my whole life and I don’t think I ever will.

“My great uncle, Julius Rudolph Franzen, was a Master Confectioner and Pastry Chef. His distinguished career in Europe culminated in service to Franz Joseph I, Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  

Grandpa Davenport met Julius’ sister while traveling to Budapest. when the Franzens came to America, Earl and Ottilia were married. Under Julius’ tutelage, Grandpa Davenport also became a Master Candymaker 

With guideance from my father, Jerome Franzen Davenport, second generation chocolatier, I created these chocolates inspired by the same master formulas that pleased the crowned heads of Europe. Please enjoy!”

Dilettante has an amazing history spanning 108 years. The chocolates that we enjoy are created from the same formula’s that made the chocolates of royalty in the 1800s. It’s a very amazing story that spans three generations and a deep love of culinary heritage. Dilettante offers many delightful gourmet selections, including:

  • Hand Dipped Truffles
  • Truffle Cremes
  • Meltaway Truffles
  • Dragees
  • Caramels
  • Sculptured Chocolates
  • Sauces & Toppings
  • Cakes
  • Culinary Chocolate
  • Biscotti & Cookies
  • Coffee

I was given a box of Assorted Chocolate Truffles to facilitate this review. These were the delightful morsels I was enthusiastic to sample.

Amaretto Truffle – Milk Chocolate Truffle with Almond Liqueur in milk chocolate.
Praline Truffle – White Chocolate Truffle with crushed Pralines in white chocolate.
Champagne Truffle Romanov – Semisweet Truffle with marc de champagne and strawberry essence in double cream milk chocolate.
Kahlua Truffle – Milk Chocolate Truffle with Kahlua in milk chocolate.
Dark Ephemere Truffle – Creamed Bittersweet Truffle in bittersweet chocolate.
Hazelnut Gianduia – Milk Chocolate Truffle with Hazelnut Butter in double cream milk chocolate.
Raspberry Truffle – Semisweet Truffle with raspberries in semisweet chocolate.

My favorite of all of these was the Praline Truffle. That little bite was heaven, but I also love white chocolate and pralines, so I am biased. The Champagne Truffle Romanov is one I’ve had before and very much enjoy. There seems to be a little crackle in it as you would have with Champagne and the lingering essence of strawberry on your tongue well after you’ve finished is like a memory. They remind me of a romantic evening that lingered on until mid-morning or the feeling of being able to sleep long into the afternoon without an alarm clock or wakeful children.

No matter what your favorite chocolate is, Dilettante’s Gourmet Chocolates are the epitome of what a chocolate should be. If you love chocolate covered caramel then Dilettante will one up your desire with Salted Caramel’s in Milk Chocolate.

Or perhaps you are someone who loves chocolate covered fruits? Then you would be sure to love Dilettante’s Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley.

For Valentine’s Day, the day that is rich in chocolate and candies, there has to be something extra special though. Something grand and beautiful as well as intimidatingly delicious and for that there is the Chocolate Heart, a 7 piece assortment of their Finest Truffles in an edible chocolate heart. The Truffle flavor assortment includes:

  • Ephemere Dark Chocolate
  • Ephemere Milk Chocolate
  • Hazelnut Gianduia Milk Chocolate
  • L’Orange Dark Chocolate
  • Amaretto Milk Chocolate
  • Praline White Chocolate
  • Raspberry Dark Chocolate
  • Champagne Milk Chocolate

The price of the Chocolate Heart may be $32.00, but the experience of having a Dilettante chocolate is priceless. Of all the gifts for Valentine’s that I most desire it is Dilettante chocolates and it is certainly a gift your Valentine will never forget.

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