Sam’s Club Membership / Gift Card

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Did you know that delicious Skinny Cow frozen treats and other ice cream is available at Sam’s Club? Well now you do!

To reward you and help you purchase some yummy ice cream from Sam’s Club, I have a Sam’s Club Membership/Gift Card to give away! This membership/gift card is valued at $100 and can be used to purchase a Sam’s Club membership, or as a gift card if you already have a membership! Read the original post about Sam’s Club and Skinny Cow here.



  1. I like skinny cow chocolate with fudge ice cream cones

  2. I like being able to see the winners too!

  3. Wow we are off and running LOL

  4. What is a crayon heart necklace?

  5. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks!

  6. Do we need to be posting our email addys in our comments?

  7. My favorite ice cream flavor is coffee!

  8. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the chocolate bars… Thanks!

  9. Ok those are seriously cute!

  10. If I could I would eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  11. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the combo packs of ice cream..they are great for the family… Thanks!

  12. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the combo packs of ice cream..they are great for the family… Thanks!

  13. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the combo packs of ice cream..they are great for the family… Thanks!

  14. My DH thinks I'm crazy, but I love pineapple juice on my ice cream

  15. Wow almost 100 comments in 15 minutes.. This is gonna go quick

  16. Favorite ice cream…black rasberry with jimmies!
    greenlancer at comcast dot net

  17. I steal my kids flinstone orange sherbet push-ups when they're not looking.

  18. I know I said my fave was coffee ice cream but it's really coffee ice cream with Bailey's Irish Cream poured all over it.

  19. I can't wait to start complaining about how hot it is outside!

  20. Anyone else addicted to twitter? LOL

  21. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the combo packs of ice cream..they are great for the family… Thanks!

  22. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the combo packs of ice cream..they are great for the family… Thanks!

  23. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars … thanks

  24. Am I the only one who has to feed her kids (not babies) every couple of hours? geez they're like little machines.

  25. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks!

  26. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks

  27. Lori A. too funny! It seems it's always too hot or too darn cold anymore! And spring lasts for about a blink!

  28. I had to go turn up the heat. all this talk about how cold it is made me realize I can't feel my toes.

  29. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks

  30. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks

  31. I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks

  32. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks

  33. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks

  34. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks

  35. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks

  36. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks

  37. pwhite7408 says:

    I love to eat the truffle bars… Thanks

  38. There is never enough coffee.

  39. pwhite7408 says:

    sorry didn't know we couldn't do double comments…

  40. pwhite7408 says:

    good luck and congrats

  41. pwhite7408 says:

    wow! I won! I can't believe it!!! Thanks!!! Thanks!!!! Thanks!!!! that is so awesome!!!

  42. pwhite7408 says:

    Thanks to Thanks

  43. Andrea Proulx says:

    My favorite icecream is Mint Chocolate Chip. I especially love Skinny Cow's Mint Icecream Sandwiches, yumm!!!

  44. My favorite kind of ice cream is pumpkin. Yum!

  45. MomOnTheEdge says:

    My FAVE flavor is blue moon, but it is super hard to find so I also appreciate a good mint chocolate chip! YUM!

  46. my favorite ice cream is Blue Bunny Cherry Vanilla

  47. Andrea Proulx says:

    I tweeted and facebooked this giveaway.

  48. I can't stay long, I have to go to work, but I just wanted to help kick things off!!

  49. Andrea Proulx says:

    Mel is one of my favorite people ever!

  50. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate…topped with nuts! yummmmmmmmm

  51. MomOnTheEdge says:

    I just tweeted too! Hopefully lots of people will stop by so it goes quickly, but not so many that I don't win! LOL! :o)

  52. Andrea Proulx says:

    Yay! No more captchas, thanks Mel

  53. Butter Pecan is my favorite flavor of ice cream.

  54. Chocolate Chip

  55. MomOnTheEdge says:

    I haven't won from her yet, but LOVE how she posts the winners for all to see. :o)

  56. Andrea Proulx says:

    Oh yodalaia I love those too.

  57. I love Rocky Road ice cream! It has a little bit of everything. :)

  58. good luck everyone!!! get to typing!!! lol

  59. Great giveaway mel! Thanks

  60. MomOnTheEdge says:

    I agree . . . hate the captchas. I can never figure them out! :o)

  61. Andrea Proulx says:

    Have you seen the jewelry she makes too? It's stunning. My favorite is the "Andrea"

  62. Such a beautiful sunny day here

  63. Andrea Proulx says:

    Although I'm biased on the name.

  64. My favorite Ice Cream Flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip from Baskin Robbins :)

  65. Island Girl says:

    My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip! And vanilla! Yummy!
    mainlandmama at gmail dot com

  66. So glad the weather is nice here today! We had 8 inches of snow last week (that's a lot for us) but it's sunny and in the 50's today! love it!

  67. I like vanilla.

  68. Andrea Proulx says:

    Common, baby, Momma needs a new Sams Club gift card!

  69. Linda Kish says:

    My favorite is Thrifty cherry vanilla but I usually get Skinny Cow French Vanilla truffles bars

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  70. I like being able to see the winners too!

  71. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Already at 20 comments, this shouldn't take long. Good thing since DH is home and will think all I do is sit home and enter contests while he's at work . . . so maybe he'd be right. :o)

  72. I would love to win this!! (And need!)

  73. Baskin Robbins has a really yummy Rocky's so creamy

  74. MomOnTheEdge says:

    She makes jewelry? I'm fairly new to her blog. Where can I see it?

  75. I also LOVE Strawberry Icecream with Strawberry TOpping!

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  76. My favorite ice cream is Peach!

  77. Andrea Proulx says:

    What a great giveaway to enter though.

  78. This is going to take a while to get to 400! Tweeted! (Chirp-chirp)

  79. $100 at Sam's Club would be a HUGE help for us

  80. foodlion has Blue Bunny on sale for 1.88 this week

  81. MomOnTheEdge says:

    I make jewelry too . . . if crayon heart necklaces count! Never again!

  82. How is everyone today?

  83. MomOnTheEdge says:

    1/10 of the way there . . . at this rate it should be about an hour

  84. $100 would buy a lot of ice cream!

  85. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Dana – I'm good. The sun is finally shining here (even if it is cold). How about you?

  86. Sounds like we can all use the $100 gc.

  87. $100 to Sam's would be awesome!! Thanks for the fun live giveaway!

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  88. Hi Dana! Doing good! It's almost Friday!! Woohoo! How are you?

  89. I'm good too. Thanks.

  90. i love the live giveaway!!!

  91. Totally_Toni says:

    Definitely love Chocolate Devotion

    tpatton5 at gmail dot com

  92. I also am glad to see the sun. I can finally see a small patch of my yard . Haven't seen since December because of snow.

  93. MomOnTheEdge says:

    yodalaia – if you look at my "pic" you can see one. We melted crayons and used cookie cutters to make them in heart shapes. They were DDs valentines handouts. You can read about it here

  94. HOw's everyone today?

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  95. I am so ready for Spring!!

  96. Totally_Toni says:

    Oh yes I need this!!!

  97. MomOnTheEdge says:

    I LOVE the sun. It just makes me want summer to come faster though.

  98. Hi Chris..good how are you?

  99. i would to win Sam's membership!!! i just recently shopped there with my cousin. found some great deals

  100. Dana, I am ready for Spring too!

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  101. Totally_Toni says:

    I tweeted this giveaway, let's get moving :)

  102. Andrea Proulx says:

    Darn kids made me stop commenting for a few minutes, but I have returned.

  103. Totally_Toni says:

    I am so ready for spring too

  104. i love strawberry sundaes with vanilla icecream and extra whipcream!

  105. Andrea Proulx says:

    I absolutely love Sams Club

  106. I love Sams Club!

  107. Totally_Toni says:

    I seriously need to get in shape before bikini season starts, skinny ice cream is perfect

  108. MomOnTheEdge says:

    What would you all get if you won the GC?

  109. Dana, doing well, just I have to head out to get son from Kindergarten though, so I might miss out on the winning, but fun anyway!

    kissyjensen at gmail dto com

  110. Andrea Proulx says:

    I'm ready for warmer weather and not shivering whenever I go outside. The joys of New England

  111. i tweeted giveaway

  112. Andrea Proulx says:

    Toni – hi! Long time no see, lady

  113. Totally_Toni says:

    We are Sam's Club shoppers, we go to stock up on meats and bulk items that we use a lot of.

  114. I really like ice cream too!

  115. I would just LOVE to win this! Come on 400!

  116. Totally_Toni says:

    Hey Andrea,

    I know I rarely log into Skype I really need to, I think about everyone everyday. I miss you girls

  117. LeeAnn-Pinapple juice on your icecream sounds good!

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  118. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Thanks for the link . . . I'll check it out after this . . . must remember comment 71, 71, 71

  119. We buy our milk at Sams everyweek. It is almost .30 cheaper per gallon than at the grocery stores.

  120. Totally_Toni says:

    Healthy Snacks seems like an oxymoron LOL

  121. Pineapple juice on ice cream? It might be good on vanilla!

  122. i shared giveaway on Facebook also

  123. OK, off to pick up my son…don't get to 400 to quickly now…LOL

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  124. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Thanks yodalaia . . . it came from some parenting mag. It would be great if my girls were a little older, but it was stressful!

  125. Totally_Toni says:

    The gym is calling my name, but my name doesn't want to answer.

  126. it's getting slower to leave comments….must have a traffic jam!!! lol

  127. ok..I am already getting the conflicting edit screen. lol

  128. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Oh no, do I have to delete one if I accidentally did two in a row?

  129. Waitin' for 400!

  130. Totally_Toni says:

    I wonder if I have time to take a bath and hope the contest hasn't ended yet

  131. I love sherbet, too! Those push-ups are so good. :)

  132. Totally_Toni says:

    My dughter is a big ice cream fan too

  133. MomOnTheEdge~ I would just to make sure!

  134. Andrea Proulx says:

    I love getting the kids food for their lunch boxes at Sams Club – it certainly saves me money and trips to the store.

  135. 300 more to go!!! good luck all

  136. I am just ready to be able to go outside without freezing.

  137. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Toni – baths are overrated! LOL!

  138. Andrea Proulx says:

    Good luck to you too!

  139. Anybody know a good song to pass the time?

  140. Andrea Proulx says:

    Oh crapola my puter is on the fritz.

  141. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Thanks dublrs! It looks like Melissa might have already for me! Thanks!

  142. They're making chocolate cake on Martha Stewart…looks yummy!

  143. We have bought most of our tv's and video game consoles at Sams.

  144. The TV my husband wants is at Sam's!

  145. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Melissa – Can you repost your etsy link then someplace else (or after the 400) so I can find it? I love jewelry!

  146. Totally_Toni says:

    How close are we now.

  147. I would stock up some on my pantry and freezer if I won the GC… you?

  148. anyone watching the Olympics?

  149. They have great prices on TVs at Sams!!

  150. MomOnTheEdge says:

    I love for songs. I actually have mine on my blog so I can listen to my fave songs while I'm on the computer!

  151. I couldn't begin to tell you what TV my husband wants…I let him pick all that stuff. :)

  152. Olympics — Go USA! LOVE Shaun White! (The Flying Tomato!)

  153. Totally_Toni says:

    Just keep swimming…

  154. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    Can I play too? SAM (s) I am!

    ejrichter 60 at gmail dot com

  155. We bought a big screen Phillips from Sams too!!

  156. We have been watching the Olympics when we can. I was disappointed to miss Shaun White last night!

  157. wow this is going fast. i tried doing one of these live giveaways yesterday on a diff't blog and i gave up…it took hours.

  158. MomOnTheEdge says:

    I haven't been watching the olympics. I'm too much of a computer junkie!

  159. I miss my old house! It had a huge walk-in butler's pantry! We have no cupboard space now! :(

  160. Anybody here from Texas… may be moving there soon.

  161. A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

  162. LeeAnn, me too! And I know I will complain how hot it is this summer…but I'm tired of the cold.

  163. oooh..a butlers pantry would be awesome!

  164. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Just wait, when it gets even close it will go faster. I don't know how people know, but they magically appear as the number approaches. I did one live giveaway like this and was the only poster (or one of only two) three times! I didn't end up winning any of the GCs!

  165. anyone watching the Olympics?

  166. I'm in the DFW area of Texas

  167. MomOnTheEdge says:

    DDs BDay is coming up and I want to get her a DSi. If I win, that is what I'll spend it on.

  168. Lori!!! My husband may be relocating to his companies location in Carrollton. Any advice on the area? I have no clue.

  169. We were renting and the owner didn't make her payments and it was foreclosed. She didn't even warn us..I came home from work with the auction notice taped to the door. The owner disappeared!

  170. I don't know much about Carrollton. It's a really nice area, though.

  171. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Does anyone know if you have to have a membership to use a GC? My mom said that she saw someplace that you can use a GC at Sam's without an upcharge????

  172. dublrs ..that's awful!!

  173. Yikes, dublrs! That's awful!

  174. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    We all tweet for ice cream…at Sams!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  175. MomOnTheEdge – I won a Sams Club card once, and I used it at Wal-Mart. It had both names in small print on the back. They are owned by the same company.

  176. i am having problems leaving comments

  177. MomOnTheEdge says:

    TX sounds great right now . . . I'm in OH (cold!)

  178. I love a good vanilla!

  179. How long can you stay in the house?

  180. We have some Skinny Cow in the freezer right now…ice cream sandwiches..yum! Also have some of the truffle bars..haven't tried them yet, though.

  181. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    my hubby is on way HOME from Texas!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  182. That was 1 1/2 years ago. Although our house now is 1/2 the size!! I'm ok with it, I guess…

  183. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Where did you go Andrea?

  184. i love german chocolate ice cream from baskin robins!!!

  185. I am excited. We used to live in Phoenix, then we were relocated to des moines, now on our way to TX.

  186. Love Edy's Double Fudge Brownie

    hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

  187. MomOnTheEdge…it hasn't been too warm here in Texas! We had at least 8 inches of snow last week…it's warmer today but still chilly.

  188. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    My dog needs a new bed from Sam's yesterday was her Birthday and I forgot. She turned 56 so now she is older than me…finally.

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  189. mom on the edge-
    i think i just got an e-mail offer the other day (i deleted it)from huggies for a free one day pass to sam's…i don't know if you get their newsletter…or maybe try their site to see if you can find it

  190. MomOnTheEdge says:

    LeeAnn – Nope! We're on a regular feeding schedule here. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. It feels like they're always eating (which probably doesn't help my diet either!)

  191. Mint chocolate chip

  192. Dispatcher_kristy says:

    ejrichter- happy late bday to your doggie!!!

  193. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Thanks jakiesmom! I'll look into it!

  194. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    I love apple dumpling with CINNAMON ice cream. MMM….Sam (s) I am!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  195. Dispatcher_kristy says:

    oops forgot to mention my favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate

  196. I am sooo sick of snow.

  197. About halfway there….

  198. ejrichter…that sounds yummy! I love apple dumplings.

  199. Skinny Cow Truffle bars are the best, I adore the French Vanilla

  200. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    I would eat in in my house
    I would eat it with a mouse…

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  201. i am so happy my son is content with dora right now…let's hope he says happy…so i can continue on!

  202. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Snow in TX!? Is that normal? I always just assumed it was warmer there . . . obviously I don't travel much! :o)

  203. Yay! Always good when hubby comes home from trips away!

  204. I wish Skinny Cow made a chocolate ice cream sandwich

  205. half way there!!! good luck everyone

  206. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    I would eat it here
    I would eat it THERE…

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  207. MomOnTheEdge…NO, it is not normal! LOL We usually get a little "snow" that's really more ice each year..but never the real stuff! It was really fun, though.

  208. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Both my kiddos are at school right now. I'm supposed to be doing laundry, but $100 is a good amount of money . . . well worth an hour!

  209. My favorite ice cream is butter pecan.

  210. I love shopping at Sam's…I'm in need of another trip there.

  211. half way there!!! good luck everyone

  212. Man I LOVE Skinny Cow but it's so cold right now I don't even want to think about ice cream.

  213. Am I #200?

  214. I'm actually craving Creme Brulee today with strawberries

  215. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Lori – Do you have kids? Did they just LOVE it? (My girls are weird and don't like to go out in the snow . . . they get that from me)

  216. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    I would eat it ANYWHERE…

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  217. Today is my mom's 63 birthday! Just talked to her before this giveaway! I love my mom!

  218. My favorite ice cream is chocolate!

  219. MomOnTheEdge says:

    200! Yay – half way there!

  220. I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream.

  221. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Happy birthday Dana's mom! She should be on here too . . . it would be a great BDay win!

  222. I love mint chocolate chip.

  223. Missed it by one! Hope that's not a sign of things to come! LOL

  224. Andrea Proulx says:

    I love when the UPS man comes to my house.

  225. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    I do so like Skinny cow at Sams

    I do so like it SAMS I am!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  226. Just got back from Sam's, turned free samples into lunch

  227. Totally_Toni says:

    Are we done yet?

  228. i love buying frozen veggies in bulk from sams

  229. Totally_Toni says:

    Nope still going :)

  230. Now we're on page two! Half-way!

  231. I don't think this will take too long!

  232. My favorite flavor is tin roof sundae.
    lfhpueblo (at) msn (dot) com

  233. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    I love my mom AND ice cream…but I love my mom more better…haha!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  234. i love buying frozen veggies in bulk from sams

  235. MomOnTheEdge – yes, they enjoyed it! They didn't get quite as excited about it as I expected…but it was awesome to actually be able to build a snowman. Usually the "snow" we get doesn't work.

  236. MomOnTheEdge says:

    I could actually use some ice cream right now. I feel like a banana split!

  237. My favorite ice cream treat is a nutty bar.

  238. I <3 Sam's Club and ice cream.

  239. Totally_Toni says:

    I tweeted again

  240. My fav. icecream flavor is Chocolate!

    brownatural at gmail dot com

  241. I could so use this!

  242. Totally_Toni says:

    Sam's Club here I come

  243. This giveaway is going to be over in the next 20 minutes. I can feel it.

  244. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Andrea – Did you get something fun?

  245. Getting impatient…lol.

  246. Anyone else tired here?

  247. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    I would eat those Skinny Cows in winter or in spring

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  248. Totally_Toni says:

    Gift Card come to mama :)

  249. I love bulk shopping…less shopping trips! :)

  250. My favorite ice cream topping is sliced bananas!

  251. Angie Marion says:

    I love Breyer's Cookies n Cream!

  252. Totally_Toni says:

    A little over 100 away

  253. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    Or even in the Fall….

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  254. I'm not getting enough sleep at night.

  255. tweeted this contest out

  256. Totally_Toni says:

    What perfect way to end the week if I win this. I so need to.

  257. I'll try to make this comment three sentences long.
    I like ice cream anytime of the year. Summer, just isn't summer without a big vanilla ice cream cone dripping all over you.
    lfhpueblo (at) msn (dot) com

  258. I had icecream last night, and it was yummy!

  259. Angie Marion says:

    I really need a Sam's Club membership!

  260. Totally_Toni says:

    I need a new bed

  261. ejrichter…you're too funny! :) I love Dr. Seuss

  262. i could use this to go towards a new tv

  263. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    BUt love them in the summer most of all!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  264. Totally_Toni says:

    Almost there people just a little bit more

  265. I hope Dana's mom has a very Happy Birthday! She's a year younger than my mom!

  266. Now that I'm thinking about ice cream, I'm craving it.

  267. Wozers! What a great prize this is.

  268. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Toni – you take a quick bath. When I get in I don't want to get out! :o)

  269. Totally_Toni says:

    Less tan 150 left now woot woot

  270. AmazingGreis says:

    My favorite ice cream is plain Chocolate.

  271. Wow. This is going quick!

  272. or maybe just spend it on bulk packages of office supplies

  273. Live giveaways are always so much fun.

  274. More than halfway there…woohoo!

  275. This is going to fast, I know it.

  276. Totally_Toni says:

    I already did LOL I am back now. It was a real quick one.

  277. I also love Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream – nom nom

  278. I'm impressed.

  279. my favorite topping is m&m's.

  280. Totally_Toni says:

    woo hoo now it's moving along

  281. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    Just got home from Dr.! My fave is Skinny Cow Vanilla Sandwiches! I also love Pistachio ice cream.

    mandjregan at gmail dot com

  282. Keep it up people.

  283. Totally_Toni says:

    Heyyy speedy :)

  284. MomOnTheEdge says:

    I'm actually going to be by Sam's today! I'm going to the big city to get my hair cut!

  285. Comments are flying by now! Getting exciting! :)

  286. Let's get to 400.

  287. This is seeeewious! I love icecream!!!

  288. Leftover spaghetti for dinner tonight…I should have just made chili.

  289. My favorite snack is frozen fruit.

  290. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    Its summy here today…am I dreaming?

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  291. Heath bars are awesome!

  292. I love live giveaways.

  293. Totally_Toni says:

    Here we go into the home stretch

  294. wow things are going real fast

  295. This is going to go super fast!!!

  296. Live giveaways actually give me a chance at winning.

  297. I haven't had one of those in years.

  298. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Hey Jennifer – congrats on winning one of the other Sam's GCs!

  299. are we there yet?

  300. Love the bakery section at Sam's club..they have great cookies.

  301. That was quick!

  302. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    Hi girls – I see toni, andrea, LOL

  303. More in control of my destiny.

  304. I love IceCream

  305. I scream you scream we all scream 4 icecream!

  306. Ann – LOL! I love Wonder Pets. :)

  307. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    Must be a day to go "ice creaming!"

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  308. 300!!

  309. The Skinny Cow Mint Low Fat Sandwhiches are yummy.

  310. More in control than is, anyways. :)

  311. My favorite flavor is cookies n cream or choco mint….or…all of them! Thanks

    frugalracingfanmommy at gmail (dot) com

  312. Totally_Toni says:

    Ohh gettnig errors now, lots of peeps commenting at once

  313. Frozen mango and peaches are yummy snacks!

  314. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    Wow we are getting close!

  315. MomOnTheEdge says:

    400 wins right?

  316. I Love Giveaways!!

  317. now i want an ice cream sandwich

  318. I feel bad, was late for my dental appointment today..forgot all about it.

  319. Almost 300 wozers, this is seeeewious!

  320. Totally_Toni says:

    less than 90 now woo hoo

  321. Angie Marion says:

    all of your comments are FUNNY!

  322. It's going fast now!

  323. MomOnTheEdge says:

    less than 100 to go!

  324. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    I need more coffee…to properly comment : )

  325. Andrea Proulx says:

    We are getting so close now, I love it.

  326. I think I'm just in denial..can't stand going to the dentist.

  327. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    Darn…dont know why my name wont come up instead of my broken up email…who AM i anyway?

    OH, yeah…SAM (s) I am!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  328. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Holy guacamole, we're flying now!

  329. Ice Cream Sandwich sounds good as well. As bad as it sounds we don't have ice cream!!!

  330. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    I love Sam's Club!! I spent $500 there last time though LOL

  331. Andrea Proulx says:

    It's the best part about live giveaways.

  332. Totally_Toni says:

    Ohhh here we go less than 80 left now

  333. I love to shop at Sam's!

  334. Thanks for the contest!

  335. Angie Marion says:

    hey there's Speedy! Hi Speedy!

  336. I have to bribe my 2 year old to come in from the snow. She loves it. Me…not so much.

  337. Totally_Toni says:

    75 left as I type this

  338. I love Sam's that is my fav. place to purchase gas.

  339. I need to go to Sam's.

  340. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    Woo hoo on a roll now!

  341. I might have to go to the freezer and get one of those truffle bars to try..yum

  342. my hubby just got home with some blue bunny banana split ice cream!!!

  343. Andrea Proulx says:

    Speedy, hi! There you are.

  344. Next week is the crown fitting..ugh. Then 2 more cavities to fill

  345. Totally_Toni says:

    Almost there we can do this

  346. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    Sam's Rocks – thanks Mel!

  347. wow..we are already at 330 comments.

  348. I would love to win, pls…

  349. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Dentist? Who is talking about the dentist?

  350. We haven't been grocery shopping in 3 weeks and that's usually gone in a weeks time!

  351. This giveaway is moving right along!

  352. Andrea Proulx says:

    We are getting there, woohooo.

  353. Totally_Toni says:

    What number we at now?

  354. We're running now!!

  355. Good luck everybody!

  356. this is going really fast

  357. This is going super fast!!

  358. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    Thank you Mel for Hosting this wonderful giveaway!

  359. Andrea Proulx says:

    I need to go food shopping bad.

  360. wow i've never seen the end of a live giveaway…i usually have to quit before they are done. i might make it this time…fingers crossed

  361. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Just took my girls to the dentist on Monday.

  362. Going going gone, to the highest bidder.

  363. i am SO ready to win this

  364. Totally_Toni says:

    Here we go it's down to the wire

  365. I wish Skinny Cow made something with marshmallow.

  366. We're getting closer. Woot!

  367. We are almost there!

  368. Totally_Toni says:

    I will win this

  369. Love sandwich bars

  370. MomOnTheEdge says:

    DD1 is going to need braces :o(

  371. We can do this!

  372. I know what I would buy with this gc!!

  373. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! These live ones are fun. :)

  374. Totally_Toni says:

    Oh yes I will!

  375. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    I yell at the ice cream man : )

  376. I love tea too, and icecream!

  377. 30 or so left

  378. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    I have such a big family…do I have to SHARE my ice cream if I win?

    you are probably moms too…you know I wont get but a spoonful…

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  379. I love scrapbooking with my family!

  380. I want to win!

  381. MomOnTheEdge says:

    She doesn't have any primary spaces!

  382. Totally_Toni says:

    ahhh less than 25 left now

  383. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    Oh so close – oh boy!

  384. Angie Marion says:

    live giveaways rock! Hey Andrea~!

  385. Almost there, wozers…lol

  386. I love sam's club

  387. Heath ice cream is really good to

  388. I would get a big bag of pepperoni!!

  389. Totally_Toni says:

    winner winner winner

  390. I've heard marshmallow is low-fat..good!

  391. I hope i'm it

  392. MomOnTheEdge says:

    She hasn't even lost her first tooth yet!

  393. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    Did I win – [was it me?

  394. Andrea Proulx says:

    Oh no, i keep getting errors

  395. Iwant to win!

  396. Totally_Toni says:

    is gonna be me

  397. Uh oh here we go

  398. I love to scrapbook…wish I had more time to do it!

  399. pick me me

  400. We're getting very close now!

  401. Me please

  402. MomOnTheEdge says:

    She has a loose one though!

  403. i think we will be done in 3 minutes at this rate…this is great…

  404. Going to see TSO in March

  405. i want to win!

  406. Andrea Proulx says:

    Who will win?

  407. I love ice cream.

  408. Me!

  409. Angie Marion says:

    who is it gonna be???

  410. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    yipeee done

  411. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    Wow…its getting hot…I mean cold in here with all that ice cream!!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  412. Ice cream chocolate mint favorite!

  413. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Good luck all!

  414. here we go, yaay

  415. othersideofglass says:

    i love breyers vanilla

  416. Oh my goodness! Was I really #399???

  417. Totally_Toni says:

    who won it/

  418. Shoot are we done already?

  419. ok maybe i meant 2 seconds

  420. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    HOLY COW…that went fast!!!!
    thanks for the fun!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  421. congrats to the winner!!!

  422. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Wow! Under an hour – That was fast! Can't wait to see who the winner was. Thanks so much for hosting Melissa (and Sam's Club too!)

  423. Yea..I think she said she was watching and deleting incorrect comments

  424. Looks like Bleatham is the winner

  425. ~*~ Melissa ~*~ says:

    ZThanks for playing everyone! Let me just make sure there are no double comments or under 3 words and I'll announce the winner in a few. I was keeping track the whole time and editing as needed, so it shouldn't take too long!

  426. Wow you have to count the entries 'cause there's no number on the comments. Uck. GL

  427. congrats to the winner!

  428. But comments shorter than 3 words don't count, right?

  429. that was quick!

  430. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Bye all! Laundry is calling my name. Congrats to the winner!

  431. Somebody's deleted comments!

  432. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Jillyrh – the comments are numbered on the main page, just the comment box page doesn't have it (I think).

  433. I know I deleted one of my comments because it was too short.

  434. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Abby – I think Melissa has to delete the ones where people posted back to back or didn't follow the rules. It might take a while to know the winner.

  435. I deleted one of mine, too…it came up right after one of my other comments.

  436. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Okay – bye for real now!

  437. WOW we are moving fast!!!!

  438. ~*~ Melissa ~*~ says:

    pwhite7408 was the winner! Congratulations and thanks to everyone for playing along! Hopefully we can do this again!

  439. Island Girl says:

    aww i had to run out and missed it! oh well congrats!

  440. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    I would never have comments too short…I am a woman of many words…just ask my husband!

    i think i counted back to the winner . CONGRATULATIONS!

  441. Who won?

  442. Congrats pwhite!

  443. Congrats to the winner!!

  444. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    OOooohhh. I see at least ONE who used only TWO word. Oooops!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  445. ~*~ Melissa ~*~ says:

    Don't worry. I deleted all of the double comments.

  446. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Oooh! So close! Congrats pwhite!

  447. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Melissa – any chance you can post that etsy site again?

  448. ~*~ Melissa ~*~ says:

    I'll go through them again Eileen. I didn't notice anything

  449. MomOnTheEdge says:

    Thanks. . . checking it out now!

  450. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    yeah…I see it was well after 400…that was fun…the first live one I have been in on! sigh…back to laundry for me too!

  451. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com says:

    Congrats Pwhite…you DID read the fine print right…you have to buy ice cream for all of us!

    hee hee!
    congrats to you!!

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